I need a map maker. PAYMENT

I need a map maker for a roleplay project, I pay well and I need to be a good creator.

please contact me at my steam TheValens_07 or by this means


Sure, I’ll do it; but I charge a differential rate for the size of map. What size do you want it?

I would do it but I don’t want to

Also, bruh you sound like the carpat npcs


@Froggo Is there a detail amiss with the Carpat Non-Player Characters and their charisma?

I think they’re fine due to the fact that they’re Ukrainian.

Cuanto por el medio?

Sry how much for the medium?

20$ USD or equivalent.

getting paid for detailing houses on a map?
damn thats not a bad job for the summer at all

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gets me everytime


Back when carpat was released, they had extremely bad english.

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I say it mostly to poke fun towards the map and to point out mistakes in translation. It is never done with malicious intent, just to laugh a little bit

I am interested, though what exactly are you looking for? Do you want it to have curated quality, so mostly custom objects, vehicles, items, etc. Or will it be similar to rp maps already seen on the workshop

it was poorly translated cough cough


I offer 10 dollars for the medium size

I offer 10-15 dollars for the medium size, I have an example map of how I want it

I offer 7 dollars for the small size

got this post confused with another post that was similar to this. woops.

Alright, please send me the example map, and I’ll send you an offer.

is a sample created by me I do not have how to send it, I could send you photos and what I need on the map

you take the files
and put it over there

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