I need Realistic Quest for my map

Hello, again SDG Forums I’m back this time asking for the realistic quest for my map if you give a good idea I will be sure to credit you in the map somehow like an easter egg or if you’re lucky an NPC or even better part of the lore.

Heres some lore behind the map:
The Map takes place on an island off the coast of Australia after a fair warning 200 or so people managed to survive and get to safety around the island, the player’s mission is to gather the surviving forces and move them off the island in any means possible even if they have to die for it

Just so you know I’ve got about 100 NPCs ready
also he map is not based on any irl place

The Map takes place on an island off the coast of Australia

so new zealand

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its not a irl place

…so new zealand


I give up on you

So you’ve get 100 npcs?
I think better idea is adding 15 npcs, but make them interresting and non-repetetive

It’s like saying that Ubisoft makes good by publishing new game from one series every year

MORE doesn’t count BETTER

I’m trying to make the map more alive with lots of npcs it help’s fill that need, I’ve got plans for a massive story line which involves almost every community, and the lose of 1or2 other community the very final thing is once the player finds a safe ship they can leave on they have to pick who survives and who doesnt everything comes down to the player if the player chose 2 people those 2people live the others are never seen again

Quest: Missing Person Report: daughter

Perhaps in a open field or a remote area you spot a couple, not to far is a life raft ashore.

A man and a woman, perhaps dressed like they were on vacation before they ran for safety on this island (ie, dad may have the camo hat).

This couple lost there daughter when there lifeboat flipped over in a storm on the sea when they fled the cruse ship for there life.

There vary scared and they state they will not get off this island unless they find her, there concerned parents that love there only daughter.

The daughter herself could be tied with other npc’s, like held hostage in a camp and must barter for her, on the other side of the map all scared and lonely in a camp with other survivors, or trapped by zombies when you find her and must clear the area.

Once you find her she goes back to her parents, and they say they don’t know how to thank you, so they give there spare cash away to you, which is apparently several hundred dollar notes, which can be useful and if you do it right, allow npc’s to trade cash for exp, cough cough can use the notes to trade. Perhaps you also receive a few flares that can also be used for bartering.

Thanks, working on it right now
Edit: as I already have bandit npcs for my map this will work perfect might add a second quest to gather some supplies for there next trip
Edit2 almost ready
Edit3 Just dialogue to go


Finally, a dark and interesting quest line. Can’t wait to play it!

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Pr0 you suggested 15 on our map and there’s not even room for 4.

I think there’s for 12 lol

… Why I can’t even make them.

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