I need someone to help me with the MapJam arena, Mostly map makin and trees

I know this is pretty late but i need some one to help me edit the map and make trees and objects for the map. The guns are pretty much done. More detail when i message you.



I wouldn’t expect you to get a lot of help with this. There are only three to five days left in the contest which was originally meant for two weeks. You should of asked earlier on since not everyone will get a ton of decent models done in a day. I’d suggest that if you haven’t already tried, use vanilla objects and try to do your best with making the map as complete as you can. If nobody is available to help, some work is better than no work.

its mostly just the maps the guns are basically done and i have made some assets allready

make sure you use the legacy editor, its way better

Legacy being better than devkit… sure. :thinking:

was a joke

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