I stole this meme from a dumpster

yes I understand that, but im getting sick of this bs.

every day, someone mentions about how “nobody likes me” whether indirect, joking or not. Im just sick of it. Is it too much to ask people to stop.

I may have said that I dont care before, but even if you dont care, it can go too far. I dont care what yall respond to this. cause im sick of it. Im talking to a lot of people throughout the forum, because a lot of people do it.

Then, you guys have the nerve to say its because of an old habit, that isnt even that serious. so, bye. Im getting off for a while.

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Most of our insults were jokes, I’m sure of it. But we should respect that you don’t like those jokes and I think from now on we should stop, our freedoms end when they effect others’.


Ah damn, this joke wasn’t suppose to hurt or insult anyone, I just wanted to make a meme we could all laugh at and enjoy.

I don’t like how it’s come down to this, but I guess it’s an inherent flaw with how we treat each other.

This isn’t right, and we should treat Aj with respect, just as we should treat everyone else, I am sorry that it has led to this, and hopefully, we can all move on from this and treat each other with respect.

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Honestly man, when I first met you, I didn’t really like you. In some ways I was downright hostile. But you’ve really improved since you first got here, and as far as I know, nobody here genuinely dislikes you anymore. Yeah, you’re fun to meme on, and maybe when you do make a mistake you’re grilled for it, but dont let that dissuade you. I’ve made some W O N K mistakes and you can bed I’ve been grilled for them.

Essentially, you’re an absolute fella who’s fun to meme on, but dont let that get you down.

actually the quote is “your freedoms end where they infringe on another’s”. “our freedoms end when they effect others” is an incredibly dangerous principle to hold

as for op, nice

“no wonder your gun doesn’t bloody work mate, you’re tryna shove 7.62x39 in an FAL”

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On to more less serious stuff, I’m obviously the hidden not main antagonist of the campaign.

you’ll never see me comeing, or know where I strike, or even what’s my main objective, for I will hinder you every step of the way untill i’m forced off this plane of existence

btw that thing is painfull to look at

When someone makes a meme that I’m not in.


(Not listed)

Cheeki Breekier




The guy that shows up after looting a house for 2 hours,just to find everyone dead or moved on with their lives.
I don’t know why I’m even still a regular.

I saw a regular requirement sheet somewhere in the depths of the Lounge the other day, (for cool kids eyes only :sunglasses: and I found out that the requirements were actually just to [data expunged] and all that was keeping me from it was a few hearts.

You’re saying you needed to give more likes, not begging for likes right?

I mean, you’re a regular, why not go dig around in the lounge?

Ive never seen you before, how are you a regular.

Usually, I would have spotted you before you became a regular. perhaps its because you have no profile pic.

He’s been around for a while now.
Or should I have said she?
I guess I don’t know much about @F1 either.

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ya know, maybe it was him you guys saw spamming periods like that. (forgot this) /s

(btw F1, you only need to use half the amount of periods. put spaces in every other line. if you want to make a gap of space of sorts.)

If it’s in a quote box, it must be true.

this was the whole quote bruh XD, I never edited it. juist quoted a part of it

as I said tho, I was being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue:

We all already knew that.

didnt lad, didnt :stuck_out_tongue:

(your probably gonna change this to “did lad, did” XD)