I won't be able to continue working on SPI, sooooo

Im considering handing over the development of Saint pete’s Island to someone else, as I dont have the time, or imagination to finish it rn.

So, if you are interested in finishing up a map that should only take a few days to finish up (give or take) just tell me.

Its preferable if you have experience doing so. And I would need to see the map files before I upload them after whatever you do.

I would really love to finish SPI, but I just dont know what to do. Mostly any time I even can get on unturned and work on it, I just wander around, deleting random objects that I added when I first started the map, or deleting unnecessary map files.

Also, Its safe to say SPI is no longer completely vanilla, so no need to worry about bs like that.

Alright thats all. I just want to hand it (partially) over to someone who can finish it, with a few specifications.

Why Im doing this FR

As I said before, I guess im sorta burned out, as well as dealing with personal issues. And the map really needs a fresh mind in order to become truly good.

]Ive just spend 2 years making this map, and I just dont think I can do it anymore. Plus, Im planning on making a new map soon. So yeah, I need time for that instead of SPI. Really sorry yall.

Cya all later, if you’re interested, just respond to this post, and I’ll hope you’re a good map maker.

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When somebody burns out after you


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@GreatHeroJ send him the meme


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Thank you, hero J. Your heroicness has fixed the fracture of my post…

the post…



i mean i really dont know if its funny of not

sure, i’m down. send me them juicy juicy map files

actually, sorry for the necro. But Ill leave it up to everyone whether I continue it or not.

So, should I quit being a wimp or whatever and finish it, or hand it over to stuggart.

  • Hand it to stuttgart
  • Keep making it you lazy ass.

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just abandon the child


NU, Its to close to being finised for that. either I or someone else finishes it. No exceptions.

Moi child is precious

pls (10 character limit)

Alright Stuttgart, I’ma explain what needs to be done if the poll keeps going the way it is.

The map needs the minor details finished up, a bit more stuff in cities to raise the apocalyptic feel, and spawns need to be taken care of. (actually, just let me do the spawns.)

Npcs and (possibly) notes need to be made, and a few other things.

All the objects that I have gotten permission to use in the map are bundled with it.

Now tell me, what’s ure plan if I (partially) hand the map over to you.

I don’t want the map to be entirely changed by the time I’m finished, and quite a few things I would like to be kept the same. (ex. The power lines and a few more things) though you can edit locations to make more sense.

I’m sorry I’m being so strict, but having had worked on this map for so long, I really want it to be mostly similar to what I imagined.

Thanks. I’ll send the files Thursday if the poll goes for it.

Eh, it’s fine. What terrain materials are you using? and is there any kind of theme or aesthetic you’re trying to go with, or should I just do whatever? I’ll definitely make NPCs and notes, and I have some custom NPCs that I’ve already made, with dialogues and vendors. I’ll have a clearer plan once I see the terrain, and what you’ve already done. also, can I see the satellite/chart picture?

My discord’s bruno_kunda #6078 you can talk to me on there if you prefer. Thanks. :smile:

Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him

we got bruno mars long lost bruda

i be 3hot5you

tbh, I just used the default snow texture, as the entire map is a snow map.

ah, ok. can i get the map pic? i’ll talk to you in the morning, it’s 12am here and I’m real tired

its 6am here.

I’ll talk to you thursday some more, as I wont be to my computer till then.

a’ight, see ya.

yoooo it’s thursday for you right?