I won't be able to continue working on SPI, sooooo


ye moi dude

completely forgot XD

send me ure email, Ill try to get it done in the morning. Dont have enough time to send a large data package rn.




Oi, Ive sent it to you.


Thanks! I’ll do the best I can :slight_smile:


Send me updates on whatcha do, K?


Yep. Is it okay if I upload them to the forum like I do with other map updates?


Yeah, just make sure to @ me. So I can always see when you do it xd.

I’ve decided to relax the rules a bit. You can change a bunch, and remove a few locations of you want. Though keep the power lines. If you could. (note: there are fully detailed buildings and vehicles under the ground in certain places.)


i know, I’ve worked stuff out. I spent today making a nice thumbnail and one of those little text box things on Russia and the curated maps, it just says “created by Aj_Gaming, in collaboration with stuttgart_flugart”.


K thanks dude xd. I never figured out how to do that xd. Btw, check through the map and make sure nothing is out of place. Though, I may have to send you an updated bundle version after Nelson revamps the unity stuff.


Okay. Btw, what do you want the description to say? Idk where SPI’s supposed to be located, so what do you want me to write there?