Iceland Map Devlog #5

Hello :smiley:
It has been a long time since I made a devlog of Iceland, and we have done a few things :

  • The main island is almost done now, I only have to finish cities and caves :

I still have to replace compound objects I made earlier by custom objects, like I did for the bridge :

  • I finished the main questline, and we found other ideas for future quests, if you have any idea, you can share them below.

  • Rolling did an awesome job at designing the “Battleaxe”, an electric tank with a rail-gun. The rail-gun does little damage to structures, but is very powerful against vehicles and barricades :

We plan making a few other vehicles, like a bus, helicopters, planes, electric boats and electric cars :

  • We think we made 70% of what we want to do, our goal is still to get curated : that is why you think anything there is wrong, tell us in the comments.

Thank you for reading this devlog, I hope to see you soon :smile:

Previous Devlog : Iceland Map Devlog #4

PS : I am not using the terrain transition in the graphic, this is why the material transition looks blurry.


Loving everything! Especially the PL-01.


Huge thanks to Rolling who made it :wink:

Maybe the corners of the bus are a bit too round? They look rounder than the tires.

It is because of the calculated tangents in unity (which changes the round models)


If you’re aiming for curated, you might want to remove the Greece and Hawaii objects. Those maps might be removed in the future so if your map is using them they’re not going to exist later on.



This is looking great, keep up the good work

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