Iceland Map Devlog #7

Hello there!

In the devlog, we dont have a lot to share, but there are a few things we did since the last time.
We have done a lot, but some locations are not finished yet, and we are keeping things hidden (dont spoil iceland).

The main military location is a harbour located in the north of the island.

I still have to finish a few other locations before sharing them.

We made other vehicles too, the first one, the “Volcano” is a Coalition Jeep :

The other we will share is a unique vehicle only available in one color : “The Falcon” :

It is all I have to share now :confused:
But I will have more to share next time, featuring custom buildings :slight_smile:

Thanks you for reading this devlog!
The Iceland Team

Previous one : Iceland Map Devlog #6


Looks very good, I am looking forward to this map :smile:

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Wait is this the next curated map?

It is our goal, but it is not confirmed yet

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