Icons location

Last update, the icons got removed from the extra folder, however, i liked having those icons to get inspiration for my mods, get the good color palette or else.
I checked the changelog to see if there was anything of any help but couldn’t find anything except this phrase.

Where is that editor located and which one is it ?


It’s the same as it was previously – F1 from the Workshop selection of menus.

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imo that menu should be a lot easier to access, especially since the icons were yoinked outta existence. without sacred knowledge it is almost inaccessible.


I agree, but low-priority / no ETA. May still at least mention the process in a few different community hubs, since the only way for people to “know” is if they’ve already known, or if they’ve been told directly. :frowning:

Until this is improved, the specific process for players without the sacred knowledge is: go to main menu --> Workshop --> press “F1” --> click “All Item Icons”.


Thanks a lot.

Just a minor post bump because somewhat-relevant:

If you’re trying to export Econ image files, you’ll have to go onto the preview branch to do so currently. I ran across the issue during the week, and Nelson fixed yesterday (again, currently on preview branch).

EDIT: Works on latest game update.


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