Idea for Helicopters

Now I’m not sure on the current state of Helos in 4.x, but…
It would be interesting to see if the helicopter would spiral out of control when the tailrotor is damaged or the pilot is killed, or begin to stall if the engine has sustained a beating. Considering how the wishlist states that propellers and engines will stay on for a bit after exiting the vehicle, this wouldn’t be too far fetched of an idea, right?


While this would be hard to pull off coding-wise, I could see it viable for 4.0.

The helicopter should be able to fly with a minimum of 2 main rotors intact, with a partial loss of control for any main rotors lost. If you are using a heavy-duty helicopter with more than 2 rotors, this means you can survive having one taken out, it will just be harder to fly.

Tail rotors, if lost, will cause a steady counter rotation to the main rotors spinning, which will cause the helicopter to gain lateral velocity and careen towards one direction. It will be very difficult to prevent a crash, but with skill, is doable.

Damaged and destroyed rotors can be repaired with welding (scrap + blowtorch directly onto the site of damage) and full rotor replacement respectively. Whole rotors are not craftable, and they are a rare find in airports and military bases that have helipads.

tl;dr: how this idea can work in 4.0


It would fit that sort of Survival theme that 4.x is going for this time.
Considering how helicopters would also be extremely rare as well, maintaining said helicopter would be challenging but rewarding.

Coool idea

Actualy, full loss of control should occur if you lose the back rotor. Because thats what keeps the heli from spinning out of control. Similar to gta v.

That’s what I’m saying.
It should also spin out of control if the pilot is killed.

Adding on to this, I think exiting vehicles should have an animation (so if your heli gets shot down you can’t instantly jump out, you’ll likely die in the crash unless you get lucky, nevermind fall damage).

To balance this, helis should be invulnerable to basic ballistic weapons, including lower tier ones like police or civilian ones. I think somewhat increased speed would also help.

I think an interesting situation would be seeing a Hind and it starts unloading on you, but you get a lucky sniper round to its rear rotor and the thing crashes down, killing all of its crew.


Exactly what I mean!

I actually made a post about this heli stuff a long time ago, but I had the idea of being able to loot the wreckage from the heli like you could go inside of it and maybe loot the bodies which would go down with the heli, not fall out of it unless they were sitting in a gunners seat. would make it interestIng.

So basically a Just Cause 3 style helicopter damage style? Me likey.


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Nice idea, it would look like helicopters in gta 5 and just cause 3.

I’ll have to think upon this a little more.

Personally I’d love to shoot out a heli’s tail rotor and watch them all bail out/crash into the ground. In all seriousness, this should be a thing.

While it’s fun, it does affect the balance of the game. Even in GTA online there are complaints because a top of the line heli can be killed with one shot.