Idea for PvP - get rid of the senseless killing!


In all survival games I feel like, as soon as you see another player the only thing you think is: kill! SCUM, Unturned 3, DayZ etc. All of them. And I can understand why people do it - if I don’t kill you first, you kill me and I loose my gear.

Recently I went back to playing The Ship, a game where all players are on a Cruise Ship and they need to kill each other. But here is the catch, everybody needs to kill exactly one other person, and is being hunted by exactly one person. This means that the majority of other players are harmless.
(as I am a new user I can only add one image. This one is the ‘second’ , just add a ‘.png’ at the end to view.)
This image should explain what The Ship does.

I propose that Unturned II should have something similar. There are many variants of how to make this work. I think a circular diagram would be a bit bland, as there will be too few PvP interactions.

What about something like this:

You start at the bottom, and you go up the tree. Everyone below you tries to kill you, you try to kill people above you. That means player (5) is being hunted by nobody, but is hunting player 1,2,3 and 4. As soon as player (5) kills player (3), they swap positions on this graph.

In addition one could implement a reward system, the higher you are in the graph, the more base HP you have. If you kill someone that you aren’t supposed to kill, you get punished.


  1. This is not a full fledged Idea with all the in’s and out’s thought off, but I think it could be fun to have a discussion about it.
  2. I know that people will disagree because there is no realistic bases for this. No story to support why you would gain base HP(or any other reward) etc. I just believe it would make PvP better and with that the game.
  3. Something like this allows people to purposfully stay on the bottom of the food chain and play PvE, or you can choose to become King of the Hill and play PvP.
  4. Over and Out, please discuss!


I’m really not sure how this would even work.

What would magically stop you from killing the dude who is literally right next to you, who happens to not be connected on this chart? The punishment sounds rather random and haphazard.

This idea just seems really unfitting for a survival game. It’d be better to encourage cooperation than to just flat out penalize PvP (“you have been deducted X for killing this player”), though I do agree that this was a huge problem in 3.0. UII has a real dilemma to solve, and I really think the only way to go about this is a more holistic approach.


The idea is that everybody is on the chart. The question is just whether the person that is standing next to you is hunting you, or if you are hunting him, or neither. If you hunt each other, go for the kill. If not, then you have nothing to fear of the other player and vice versa. This means its safe to cooperate. In all other survival games its not safe to cooperate, so you never ever do it.

The reason why I suggested a punishment for killing a random person is the following. The Ship had no punishments. Back in the days The Ship had free weekends. On these weekend the game was simply unplayable, because all of the kiddies just killed everyone and it destroyed the whole game. But the people that wanted to play the game the way it should be played - kill only one, defend yourself from only one - played it that way. It only worked when everyone was onboard, and it was infuriating when one player was just killing everything.

So yes, as I have myself mentioned, it doesn’t fit* that well and I agree. It fits better for a Battle Royal game. But I think as a core mechanic limiting who you should kill and be afraid of can solve the problem of random killing. And this is just my first idea of how to implement such a limitation.

*fit in the sense, that there is no story for this.


I’m sorry but this really wouldn’t work. It would just create a way for the geared players to hunt down someone, over, and over and over again.

This would just make pvp worse.


The hgiher on the list you are, the more people try to kill you. So eventualy you die. If you don’t want to participate in the pvp you just don’t. There is no reward for people to kill you if you are way on the bottom, so you don’t get hunted. And whats wrong with there being a single person who people are afraid of. This adds to the survival of the game. And as I mentined, if you choose a reasonable reward, the ‘top’ player would not be so much stronger and eventually fall himself.


The thing is a hierarchy forms organically on servers, as who ever is the best at the game will be the top dog. This ruins that by making strict rules about it. If you really dont want to play pvp play on a pve server. This suggestion is just implementing something that already exists but poorly.


I couldn’t have described it any better.

This suggestion feels forced AF. I understand it’s just an idea, but it just doesn’t belong in Unturned II (hell, it doesn’t even belong in 3.0)


I can respect that and do see the pitfalls of this.

But even if this is not a solution, I stand by my claim that survival games in general have not been able to fix the problem of cooperation vs. random killing, and would like to see Unturned Ii try something new.


The problem is the lack of communication between peoples because they are afraid of not getting kill and
6 year old shooting everything alive. So we need a thing that will punish players for killing inoffensive players or help them better talk to each other. Basically kids made the game unplayable.


Who cares about who’s supposed to be hunting who. I’m gonna kill whoever I want to and if someone wants to attempt and kill me, I’m happy with a system that’ll openly allow them to do so.

Making benefits for passive/active ‘hunt’ players seems forced and unneeded. Some of the biggest parts of survival games is ‘kill or be killed’ and ‘survival of the fittest’ and should never be messed with.


How do you get punished? Are you able to kill in self defense? Do you only get punished if it’s a kill, not if it’s an unprovoked attack? How do traps factor into this (are you at fault if the wrong person


Wtf is that?! I never see a thing so strange in a game.

Realy i dont believe that in that part ““if I don’t kill you first, you kill me and I loose my gear””

everyone its a problem in unturned you probabily kill or for fun or recompensation, i go explain my vision.

i can start with a quest why players kill other players? Well had a serie of factors than change that Revenge, Loot, Fear, your logic than i dont concord 100% etc…

All this include a factor of.
Risk < Recompense

If kill include Plus recompense than ignore yes… Kill everyone make all sense!

to solve this need place fear in shoot in other player dont create a crazy system maded to a game with different mechanic.


That system is only made for the Ship. Wouldnt work and would be a horrible mechanic for a survival game. KOS is a part of survival. There are people who dont KOS.

Its still a good thing you put your suggestion out there.

I think voice chat should be louder and dependant on the enviorment around you. So you can give people a chance to surrender from a far.


I’m not against sound propagation or whatever, but how would it relate to surrendering?


So you can yell at people to drop their gun or whatever


get rid of the sensless killing in PVP

PVP stands for PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER goddamnit


How does sound being affected by your surroundings you know the part I actually quoted make you any more able to issue commands or a surrender?


Im assuming this is the part he was focusing on, not the unrelated propagation. Its not even phrased weirdly.


Like pulp said to issue commands.

The enviorment part is for example if you yell off a hill everybody below would hear you clear.


So either this system empowers KoS by giving those who do extra HP or making the punishments severe enough to make every player ignore each-other, replicating a PvE environment, while being completely useless because everybody starts at the bottom and therefore isn’t hunting anybody?

Seems more like a system based out of circumstance, where those who just so happen to find the person they’re hunting (where there is no efficient indicator of whether or not it is the person, which would encourage KoS further) would suddenly get increasingly powerful until there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

Is the hierarchy of hunters only applicable to those online or offline?
If it’s the latter: good luck taking the man on the top down, rewards must be great up there.
If it’s the former: the system will be entirely ignored and people will KoS just as they do now (lest certain rules apply, in which everybody will stop trying to kill each-other drastically).

Well, guess it’s the latter.

If you would ask me: this would make Unturned boring and nothing like a survival game should be.
Unturned is not The Ship, you will lose your hard-earned gear. And if you don’t like it play something else.