Idea for the gun part system

i have seen on this forum that many of you are for the idea of splitting up gun parts to make guns more rare and don’t get me wrong i am totally up for this. i am a bit confused though because if you know there are zombies comming and you have a gun you would want it to be ready to go and not go like ‘‘oh there are zombies just let me disassemble my gun so i can’t defend myself’’. you get me? this is my idea (sorry if i am too stupid to get that this was the idea innitially). you can find gun parts but also guns that are ready to go so if your lucky you can find a gun that is already fully assembled.

thank you for reading.

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Why would you disassemble your gun when your being chased? (The only reason i would do that is if i didnt want people to have my gun…)


To remove some parts that would allow fully automatic firing, such as the sear on open-bolt firearms, or parts that are not required for the gun to function in order to save weight, such as the dust cover.


The firearm component system isn’t becoming more complex to make things more rare. The main benefit behind this is that we get vastly greater in-depth customization that is reflective to that of guns IRL. The others have already brought up the counterarguments I wanted to make, and frankly, I really don’t see why there would be a problem with this.

Most guns would likely be found in operating condition, anyways.

You’re not stupid, but this was the idea initially.


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