Idea for the turned system

I would love to see people turn into special mutated zombies wich will not keeping their gear but will get a special skill set based on your skils or maybe what proffesion your survivor is.

These special mutated zombies will each have their own abilities and attacks (think left for dead 2. Were you have hunters spitters boomers etc) for example you could be a runner we know from 3.0 but maybe you can jump very high. Or think about the spitter we know now, maybe he could have 2 heads that both spit different. Maybe a more tanky zombie that is slower or a screamer that can spawn zombies.

The mutated zombie you turn in could be decided by how you developed your skill tree. For example: if you have alot of cardio or excersize you turn into a runner. If you have alot of crafting you could turn into a mutaded zombie wearing armor or something. Maybe if you fully develop your skilltree you will turn into a special mega zombie.

Idea on how you wil get turned: when you get bitten or hurt by a special mutated zombie, there is a small chance you will get a disease that slowly kills you, the only way to stop this is by vaccine (this gives a reason to craft them) if you die from this disease you will get spawned to a random mutated zombie nest. (Maybe these nests could give out smoke to atract people and show they are there to generate a battle (or help to kill of the nest)

Once you die as a mutated zombie you will come back as a human

Tell me what you guys think cheers!


i agree that is a really good idea, players would be bored to play as normal zombies.

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Skillsets might not even make it into Unturned II, and I’m not even sure they should make that much of a difference with a player’s zombie.

This suggestion makes incredibly large assumptions about the Unturned II skill system by using solely 3.0 mechanics as references, therefore I can’t say I like it.


It’s all nice and cool but there is really no reward for zombie players rather then just fun for killing humans… I feel like there should be some extra reward for killing players as a zombie like idk once you kill 10 players maybe, you could have a chance to turn back to a human so your gear would be safe (maybe collecting non infected dna\blood from them could restore your illness idk). It should be a timed thing, like you have 30 minutes to do this before you fully become a zombie (and basically die).

Well it was intended as example on how could look like. You could also just change a random zombie type. Only said those things to bring over the idea

Oeeh thats a pretty good idea! Maybe every zombie has an ability to “smell” the closest player. He would hit a button and for a few seconds the closest player would light up (like a wall hack). Then he would need to wait a few minutes to use it again but he can start hunting now

This would end with clans having one or two zombies and the rest being normal and then just relaying the information, hurting solos even more.

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realy i dont think is a good idea your play in mode zombie. dont make scene you have a awareness.
and imagine server without other players! how i go kill myself!!!

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