Idea for vehicle

If you are in the car right now, then in the inventory in the “crafting” section, the “repair” button will glow blue. By clicking on this button, we will see that the car needs to be repaired. I would like the burner mechanics to be changed for vehicles only. Buildings should not be changed in any way.

Little icon in vehicle GUI

And I would like a button with a makeshift vehicle icon to appear in the “Skills” section. It requires not only materials but also a little experience.

  • Exclusive skills for a makeshift vehicle.

    That’s it. I would like to know your opinion. I apologize for the poor translation (I used Google Translate)
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In a game where people will pop the tires and steal the battery out of any car they can access, I feel like there isn’t really any benefit to this.

I could see this as a possibility for UII but not U3, all this would do is push people away from using vehicles. Maps are small enough and players are fast enough that, with the exception of military and flying vehicles, most people would prefer the five to ten minute walk across the map over maintaining a regular car.

The part about upgrades for makeshift vehicles is neat, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing that suggestion happen. The Street Tuning mod somewhat satisfies the option for aesthetic upgrades, although I believe it does so by abusing how barricades work in-game. Official support for a mod like this would be how I’d want vehicle upgrades to be implemented, instead of through the skills system.

I would be happy if we just had better vehicle physics at first.

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