Ideas about the bow's accuracy and attachments

As many of us know, Bows in 3.0 were basically the same thing as a gun but with a literal drawback. They were also super accurate at any range and were arguably the best sniper weapon for their ease of access and damage, not to even mention they are silent.

I think bows are in a weird place, on one hand they are almost overpowered with their damage and simplicity to use, but on the other hand near underpowered for being frustrating occasionally and still being second to guns in U2.

What Bows lacked from 3.0 was depth, they were nothing more than just a different looking gun by most standards. Instead I would like to see them revamped so that they are both viable and different from guns.

Key Changes:

  1. Non compound bows should be highly inaccurate: whether through just flying off the mark a lot or having a lot of “scope sway” bows IRL take years to get good at. When I first shot a recurve I was shocked at how inaccurate of a shot I was at just 20 yards. This will also balance bows so they can still maintain their high damage without them being basically the best and most common sniper around like they were in 3.0.

2. Arrows crafting revamp: Make several types and tiers of arrows possible.

Makeshift arrows: can just be crafted from a stick on the ground, but lack accuracy and damage, but at least you have something.

Primitive arrows: If your lucky you can find flint or other fitting rocks like obsidian to make your classic looking arrow. Has about average damage and accuracy. Can optionally craft with feathers or leaves to increase accuracy.

DIY arrows: Using scavenged gear like nails and sticks can make your zombie apocalypse style arrow. About the same damage as primitive arrows but lacks the accuracy.

Modern arrows: Either found in store or crafted at bases with higher end gear. These arrows are extremely resistant to breaking, do tons of damage, and are the most accurate on the market. The catch? These arrows can only be fired by a compound bow. Likewise these are the only kind of arrow a compound bow can fire, so compounds are more of a late game weapon.

Quick note: Crossbows should use Bolts not Arrows, and should be a lot harder to craft.

  1. Bows require more maintenance: Bows will need new strings or parts as they grow in wear in tear. Compound parts either need to be found in bow stores or made in bases with high tech tools while non compounds can usually be repaired fairly easily. Likewise non compounds take damage if left strung up for a long amount of time, and should usually be carried around unstrung until needed.

Attachments for compound bows: Compounds could obviously have a wide variety of grips, scopes, and whisker-biscuits that have already been talked about, so I want to mention some less known attachments.

RELEASE: You can attach it to your bow in a special release slot to increase overall accuracy. (for those of you wondering why you don’t just wear it instead, I think its better for simplicities sake if you can just attach it to the bow so its less of a inventory managing hassle.)

COUNTER BALANCE: Most attachments have downsides, mainly increasing the weight of your bow which can make it unbalanced and thus more inaccurate. This item basically does exactly what you would expect, balances out the weight, so if you have lots of attachments this negates some of the downsides.

Attachments for non-compound bows:

FINGER TABS: Essentially works the same way the release does, but to a lesser affect.

ARM GUARDS: Every time you fire your bow there is a small chance you will smack your wrist and completely throw your shot off. The arm guard negates that. I still think this should be considered an attachment like the others for simplicities sake.

STRINGERS: Stringing and unstringing a bow without one of these is impossible very hard. Basically, anytime you string or unstring your bow without one of these, it would take about 15 seconds, but having one will lower it to about 5 (give or take for balancing)

This list is definitely super comprehensive but its just a few things about bows I thought could add more depth to them. I also didn’t mention where or how you would craft / find the attachments because that can be for later when the game is out and being balanced. Thanks for reading!


Boi, this is VERY FALSE. Bows arent “inaccurate” it is just the shooter being bad (in this case you). A bow is more or less 100% accurate just like a gun at 20 yards. It is all about how the shooter uses/holds the weapon.

Also, It doesnt take years to get good at (for me at least) it took 2 days of a 1 hour merit badge class to shoot 421/450 (not sure about the 450 but it was either a little bit higher/lower) at 25 yards. Once you get used to the drop/drawweight/posture, it is pretty easy.

So this part of your suggestion:

Is a very bad way to implement weapon inaccuracy.

Also, the “attachments” arent an attachment, the ones you suggested are clothing items, which can be used for both type of bow.

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Bolts are only for crossbows, bows don’t use bolts. In comparison, bolts are much shorter and pack far more punch than arrows.

The main “attachment” for bows should be the type of arrow it can use, from flaming arrows to explosive ones to smoke arrows.

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Only medieval crossbow use bolts , modern compound crossbow use arrows .

Dumbest thing you could say, the bolt is a kind of arrow. But you certainly don’t use regular bow arrows with a crossbow.

I’m not sure what kind of bow you were shooting, but with a recurve at 45 pounds, no sight, bead on with pretty good condition arrows not even my instructor (who has shot for many years) can hit every shot on the target at 20 yards, so either your a god at bows, something was different for your bows.

Edit: Not to mention that your also implying that in the apocalypse our survivors are using perfect grade gear. Just having one fletching slightly messed up COMPLETELY throws off your accuracy. Likewise the bow has to be strung properly, have the sight lined in etc etc.

If you would like a lot more skill based then there is the high scope sway possibility, which would be consistent with you preferring skill above.

Yup, I talked about that briefly in the post. It could be a hassle to be taking clothes off and on every time you wanted to use your bow, so you could just “attach” it to the bow so that it auto equips it when you pull it out. Or we could do that way, whichever works best.

I’m not quite sure what your saying here, it sounds like your agreeing with me? I just wanted to mention that bolts should be different from arrows.

Yeah that could be in addition, but there are some other things that would be helpful mentioned in the guide.

excuse me wtf

Because I am assuming you believe they are usually highly accurate, where is your evidence? Also before you post some video of a bow master making a 400 meter shot keep in mind most people have very little experience with bows, so that’s about as valid as saying pistols are snipers because one man can use it as such.

that is just, wrong.

I saw this and stopped reading. Once bows had a damage nerf they were, and still are, laughably bad. This whole post seems uninformed.

i never assumed anything, i just think it sounds stupid. “Highly Inaccurate” what bullshit of a statement. How bout instead of a highly inaccurate bow, how bout a moderate but still decent accuracy bow.

ohhh right, how foolish of me to forget me evidence. now calm your pretty self because it does take a while for the arrow to hit the target. rest assured, it does hit.

So basically, your trash talking just because you can. Secondly I used the term “Highly Inaccurate” to reference that a shot at around 40 yards plus could definitely go at least 5 feet off target.

I’m assuming that your trolling because this video is irrelevant. I specifically mentioned non compound bows, and in the video he was using one. In the comments to another person (and was implied in post) most survivors aren’t bow masters with years of experience.

TL;DR Your responses lack of actual effective rebuttal, repeated use of mockery, and lack of ability to provide context sensitive evidence basically undermined any credibility in your argument. But your a regular so everyone will side with you.

That damage nerf did certainly make them less viable, but against a zombie horde you have a cheap ranged weapon that can get ammo back, easily craft able ammo, easy to obtain, and completely silent shots. I used to pvp a ton as well and me and my friends usually preferred bows / crossbows over regular guns for the above listed reasons. You also stopped reading before I talked about their weaknesses.

How is the whole post uninformed if you stopped reading in the intro? Hmm

Buddy. Buddy o boi o pal were all treated the same 'ere. Just cause i have a fancy title and badge doesn’t qualify me as a god or admin. I MEAN PLLLLLZ! When ever people want to refer to me they refer me as the shitposter on the forums! not a good thing to have! I know i should picking apart your argument but this… this is completely wrong and inaccurate in every way and direction.

yes, some regulars are treated different because their tags… but not pesky… no not pesky.


Enjoy some screenshots of military historians and archers commenting on this subject.

Not sure who your talking to, but If its me it sounds like your agreeing with me again

That makes complete sense for a skilled bowman, so an average survivor should be at least half of that.


This and the rest of your uploads basically say that after years of shooting you get good, which makes sense. I didn’t mention any sort of skilling up in the guide but I would definitely be for your character gaining skill in archery as you shoot, eventually being able to hit the far targets at ideal circumstances, but starting out with meh gear 20 meters is about how far you could shoot.

Sorry if there was some confusion on that subject.

Id say this is the first time pesky isnt memeing.