Ideas for 4.0

So making the game have already built in tools and such will make it easier on the moding community to make the servers already have a full quality of content should be very important. So my gaming group of 200ish and I have come up with some ideas we would like to see that we havent seen. Let me know what you think? If you have your own ideas post them!

-coded doors and chests that can be locked with both a code and your group or either. You can craft a separate number pad and attach it to the door or chest.

-captureable claim flags, alot of multiplayer pvp servers play objectives like king of the hill or territory based outpost control. Them being able to be claimed would make fun objective modes easier to carry out. As well as the server owner being able to adjust the radius size would all help with quality of life. Cosmetically if claim flags displayed your steam group or customizable options that would be a nice improvement.

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Cool m8
Very noice

I saw another point of objectives and event’s, if there was way we could make things such as king of the hill with only players or vs horde that could be cool. Or on the map a crashed helo like an airdrops that you have to rush to get to. Or you have to protect a survivors water purifiers or ammo depot for rewards would be a nice quality of life improvement.

Good modding tools are confirmed as you can just use the unreal editor. 2nd idea is would really cool, granted that people could just make their flag a dick or a swastika or what have you. Would be fun.

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