Ideas for Better Lasers

These are my ideas for better lasers or what i think that would make them better :

1- Lasers shuld be in game as they are in the real life,you know? visible in the dark but invisible(or almost) in the light

2- Be able to see the laser,i mean the line not just the dot that dissapears in the distance.This being 50-50 advantage-disadvantage because 50% good because of the accuracy and see better the line,and 50% bad because the line can reveal the player’s position at distance.

3- This one its a bit stupid but i just want to be sure :grin:
The Lasers wont go through surfaces (except for certain windows,maybe water?)

4-Lasers dont produce too much light around the player.I think Its too much light around the player,a bit less i think would be better

5-Lasers disappear a bit at the distance,until its not visible,Some lasers may be able to reach 5Km or more,but for gameplay reasons would be better like 150 or 200 meters max

  • I like them all and I would like them to be implemented
  • I like some of them and I would like them to be implemented
  • I did not like any of these ideas, I would not like to see them in the game

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Ok,those are my ideas for better lasers,maybe some get implemented,or not ,but i hope somebody like them or at least one :smile: Thx.

Something minor to add on to this, but I feel like having the Tactical Laser forcefully remove the hip-fire aiming reticle when its enabled would be nice.


yes,i was thinking that too but i just didn’t added it hehe

This seems to already be implemented.


hmm yes, I suppose nelson thinked about this first than I :sweat_smile: but…what about the others? :thinking::smile:

Yeah I’m pretty sure Nelson has planned these xd, it may not say it on the trello, since their minor details but still.

I personally would like the laser, as well as red dots and scope reticles, bounce around when you swing from side to side or up and down.

That’s planned. have you even looked at the devlogs? -_-

I have, by the way.

The path of the laser should only be visible during dark or dusty/foggy conditions. Also, the more visible the beam is, the fainter the point is because of energy lost.

Blow a thick enough cloud of smoke or vapor, and a laser wont shine through, but it will be very visible especially at night. For lasers to be seen in lazer tag arenas, it has to be dark and there needs to be a fog machine. without those two things, you’ll only see the laser point.

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I feel that during rain or misting lasers show up better at any time because- you know? The light shining through the water visibly would make it a straight laser?

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