Ideas for steely wheely in U2

Okay so, I made this topic because I saw MTN’s video “Unturned 4.0: Cars & More (Unturned 4.0 Devlog #15 Review)” where he mentioned that stealy wheelies are a problem in Unturned 3.x (and could be in 4.0 if left the way it is in 3.x). And I have to say that I agree. So I thought to myself, how to improve it? And I came up with an idea that instead of a person spawning in, stumbling on a stealy wheely, and then finding your car while you’re looting or whatever, and the person just going up to your car and opening the door and walking in. It would make more sense to have the ability in the skill tree since, lets face it, most people don’t have the slightest clue on how to pick the lock of a car. So yeah… put the ability to lock pick with the stealy wheely in the skill tree since the way it is currently… well, I dislike it and I think a few if not many others think so too.


Video: (10:10 ish time is where he brings up the topic)

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Dafuq is a SIMPS?

The simpsons… xD

Umm…okay? Not sure how the Simpsons are remotely relevant here…

You do realize that vehicles won’t be lockable in Unturned II without a matching key, and that the Stealy has become redundant for this purpose, right? If locking cars is going to be harder to begin with, why re-implement the Stealy? A proper lockpick might open a door and allow one to loot the trunk/storage of a vehicle, but certainly not allow them to start the engine.

The simpsons was just a joke… egh, not usually surrounded by people who dont get that kind of stuff…

Also I just said what I thought and this is how i understood it from MTN. Sorry, I guess…

unfunny, random jokes are not jokes

While you had good intentions, next time I’d recommend you doing some research on the current state of UII (like what game mechanics are already confirmed) before making a suggestion. That way it makes the criticism you receive much more useful instead of someone like me pointing out “yeah, that’s not going to work”. This is a common mistake for many new SDG Forum users.

The Stealy will almost certainly not see a comeback in Unturned II due to the changes that have already been implemented or are in progress. You can rest assured that the problem from 3.0 will not carry over.


First of all who are you to critisize my jokes?

And yes, I get it, dont have to bloody keep repeating yourself.
Also rest assured im keeping my suggestions and stuff to myself, because if I have to deal with people like you just bombarding me with “Oh you’re wrong, now let me force my point on you while publicly shaming you for a damn joke” then I dont want to be a part of this community…

Strikethrough text is indicative of sarcasm. For someone who seems to be insistent on jokes, you can’t seem to take one yourself.

Anyways, I was just providing feedback as to how this would conflict with existing implementations in Unturned II. If you wish to ignore that, that’s entirely up to you. I’m not looking to start an argument, so I’m going to try to keep it on topic.

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It seems that ahem, that the joke is on you.

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This forum is with out a doubt the best place to talk about unturned, but a lot of people like being the one to “strike first” when it comes to criticizing someones post, or just dog pile on people that say something disagreeable. This isnt the best community out of communities in general, but it is the best community in the unturned community if that makes sense…Either way lots of people have been here for a long time, upwards from a year, and dont like seeing repetitions of posts, especially when a “verdict” has been reached on the subject. (The verdict being that everyone wants a hotwiring/lockpicking system.) Also there is a search mechanic, and please make sure to use it or you will get shit on by many people, most of which just link their previous posts on a mildly related subject.

I hope you (or anyone really) make yourself at home in the forum, its a pretty good place.

one thing that can be done for a stealy wheely in the tree is also the ability to hotwire a car and other electronic devices for example: once a car is unlocked, there will be a removable lid for a fuse box where you will have to rewire the car correctly, if you fail the car’s alarm would be set off for a certain period of time. once the alarm ends the car re-locks and requires you to do it again and the wires will be randomized. so you can’t automatically pick all the wires until you find the right combination.

I just want to be 100% clear here that I’m not trying to be that one condescending asshole that nags about every little flaw in everyone’s posts just for the sake of feeling superior. I’m a heavily critical thinker - I give as much possible feedback on suggestions like this as possible (especially evaluations about how feasible it would be to actually implement) and I expect just as much intense criticism on my own suggestions. This is just how I am, and I’m sure you and other frequent users here are more or less fully aware of this.

This is a public forum - it’s a place for people to discuss things, and that involves receiving or giving critique. If someone doesn’t like to be criticized when sharing their ideas, why even post in a forum in the first place?

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Why critisize a post if you know the system wont be implemented, could have just given me like a few words and just been done with it? Like whats the point of being in this post anymore if its main point is gone? And for your knowledge, I can take critisizm but not if its repeatedly telling me “youre wrong and it wont happen” could have just told me that and kept everything else away since im thinking everyone has probably something better to do. And yes, okay I took it a bit too harsh and im sorry, lets drop this now.

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Because the whole point of giving criticism is to give you valuable information that you can use to improve for the future, whether or not it can be utilized immediately. This applies to almost everything in life.


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