Ideas for the turned

Keep in mind that most of the things I’m talking about ARE NOT zombies. I’m sick of the confus

First of all, the organic growths on ceilings on walls. Here’s a few ideas

Enviromental traps

  • possibly versions of it, that are relatively easy to spot, but when you step on it, or too close to it, you will die. Maybe it would grab you and pull you in. A possibility is for someone to cut of the things grabbing you to save you.

ranged ones

  • if you go into their sightedness they will throw/sling/fire something at you, possibly infectious acid

explosive ones

  • basically a land mine.


  • I dunno, maybe they spawn zombies or they attract them when your nearby. Or they spawn monsters or something like the trello said.

Keep in mind we don’t know much about these yet, so these might not even happen

I really don’t know other than that.

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I want croissants.

I don’t know what this has 5o do with anything, but I like it…




@GreatHeroJ, here’s one for you!

Insta-kills or even worse, being locked into a lengthy death animation are obnoxious.

The way you’ve explained it is generally uncreative, but I do think that in infected areas you should really be treading lightly.

Sure, having only melee enemies isn’t a challenge

Perhaps trying to shoot or hit certain growths can cause them to explode like deadzone zombies?

Yeah sure whatever I’m already tired

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are you talking about player placed traps???

No, he’s talking about environmental trap-like Turned, like the Half-Life barnacles. This post is about the potential types of Turned, not player hazards.

these traps ( Turneds or whatever theyre called ) are manually placed in map editor? asking, since 4.0 maps will be hand-made

Turned are the main enemies, like zombies are in Unturned 3, not props.

got ya, got little confused with that

U seem new to unturned

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