Ideas to increase the time on PVP (Remade)

I rewrite this topic because i read the other topic and the other topic dont pass the message that i want to spend with sence.

recently i stay viewing other topics and i view many posts talking about pvp, and because this i create a list to give my suggestions to turn the pvp more cool.

SRY for my english.

Things to mod/add and maybe stay added


  • Stunning equal in pubg > add this go increase the time of pvp in group vs group because the advantage stay in stay stoped in a cover with your friends.

  • hour to use weapon > a style of tick rate to when press the left botom your sight (scope) response and point at any place. with this the peoples dont go run to the target with a rifle because hes go stay in unvantage for example.

  • Lateral Vision > turn the keys Q and E automatic when you point at, to incentive a position of cover.

  • Third Person > Remove this or place a extremely low accuracy when used

  • The advantages of skills > now go stay in clothes you use.


  • Pierce fisic objects (you char and your clothes dont is a exeption)

  • lose damage with distance > This reduce deaths because give the chance to run.

Types of Regeneration

  • Instantly but go decrease you imunity and go regen very slowly > This go turn the things more just

  • low time to use regenerate with time and stop decals instantly > This go increase the time on pvp

  • Regeneration By drugs > give a high regeneration but go down your imunnity and maybe give alucinations. Realy this part dont go increase the time on pvp but i like this

Design on cityes

  • make places hard to scape in case of pvp thinks like just 1 place to run. or large corridors go make groups stay in defensive positions in case of pvp

  • itens go spawn in crates turning more easy the control of itens maybe for one simple IA this solve Op itens (maybe)
    this go balance the distribution of peoples on the map


  • a short distance with a explosion of the granade give a blurry vision for a time.

  • Fragmentation granades go work like shots in many directions when explode, this fragments when hit go decrease speed and obvious cause damage

  • flashbangs and Explosives go give a big noise constantly.

  • flashbangs besides lightening will `duplicate the screen``

Bases and constructions

  • Add a system of stability (this go remove sky bases and griefing with barricages

  • Increase the cost of the things (this go reduce the griefing)

  • turn cityes places impossible of build


  • A sistem of gravity and the C4s are a problem in 3.0 because give high advantages on pvp and a simple C.4 destroy a base 5x5 of wood easy i wait these things are not in 4.0.
  • Yes, I agree with everything written there.
  • Yes, I agree with thinks written here, but…
  • No, I discord because…

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This has been discussed a lot and I’m not really sure if it’s going to be a thing.

More or less I get the idea, but I still need you to explain this further.

Already implemented in 3.x.

Many people might disagree with this. I actually disagree on the “extremely low accuracy when used” part, and it’s currently somewhat like that in 3.x; when aiming, in third person there’s fire spread, but in first person you get 100%, and that doesn’t make sense to me.

Third person mode can easily be fixed if camera stays centered on character’s line of sight (maybe like in PUBG or Arma series), so it’s not so OP to easy-corner shots.

I agree on clothing and equipment to give some values of armor and slightly improving player performance depending on these’s material and function. However, other skills for combat as there are currently must be kept on the game, because there’s no sense out of getting all combat advantages barely from the gear.

Armor values may still rely entirely on what you’re wearing, but other values such as accuracy, melee strenght, move speed, etc., may still be separated skills to be trained and only affected externally by clothes.

This is already being implemented.

I’ve suggested this as well, here’s an in-depth post for it.

I must warn you, it’s a very long post.

May you give an example of a method that could do this? I can’t figure out how or why a regeneration should work like this.

I think this is already worked on. You didn’t explain yourself very well tho.

Well this is more likely tied whit the first regeneration type you mentioned, but it’s known that not even the most powerful drug can make you recover instantly. Only adrenaline can act instantly, but it will make you ignore pain from wounds rather than healing them.

I think that with so wide open spaces and so few places to cover, as there is currently in 3.x, escaping from PvP is hard enough.

Honestly man, this point makes no sense to me. Wether we talk about grammar or the idea itself.

Surely needed. Nicely realistic touch.

Brain/Out and Arma physics right there, and I really like it.

Not “constantly”, but way louder and more inmersive than they currently do.

That would be interesting. It works like this in most shooters I think.

Already been discussed for a very long time. It will surely be applied.

By “cost” I guess you mean rarity, which is the chance value and difficulty of finding items. It will help a little bit, but not entirely.

Also talking about cost, there should be a higher and dedicated amount experience on crafting skills to make IED’s, making these harder to craft, so it might balance things up a bit.

I’d agree with this if only meaning for structure buildables, as I’d like if there could be still be possible to place barricades, traps and utility buildables in order to capture some buildings as temporary shelters or outposts in cities. This would improve and make really inmersive both PvP and PvE experiences as well.

C4 might still exist in 4.x, as it’s a fundamental offensive and (further) defensive element. Structures and other buildables should be buffed to avoid the current problem as well.


your english is almost illegible

It’s way better than the original post, at least.

that’s like saying the USSR was better after stalin died - sure, but that doesn’t mean anything

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