Idle Animations

Yeah, those animations that play when you haven’t put any input into the game for a bit. These could range from cracking knuckles when barehanded, adjusting gloves if the player is wearing them, checking a watch if equipped, wiping a gasmask, or twirling/inspecting their weapon(s).



From my understanding, these are eventually something Nelson would like to do far down the line, so I’m more interested in what kind of idle animations people can think of. My only suggestion not tied to the actual animation occurring is that all sounds (if any) caused by idle animations should be client-side, in my opinion.

I don’t think “cracking knuckles” would look right, especially if it had sound to it, depending on how it’s done. I crack joints by interlocking my fingers and stretching them out, palms facing away. I think that’d probably look a bit more natural with the player model.


That was what I meant by “cracking knuckles.”

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Hold up

If we’re fingerless, where are our knuckles?

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Shit. In that case, the player would probably do it the other way then.


I think the idle animations should strictly be things you can appreciate in both 1st and 3rd person (like cracking knuckles etc as you said)

I was going to comment suggesting things like leaning against a wall or sitting/kneeling down but I realized you wouldn’t really get to appreciate those in first person only server’s (plus most peeps are 1st person fans)

Good point :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Pop our clavicles instead.

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Yeah turns out humans can’t stand perfectly still for too long
yeah this is a good idea

scratching ass


or just make the idle animation the same as NPCs have right now

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I like that idea.
It would be interesting to others like scratching his head, rubbing his hands, gnawing his nails.

but don’t most of the NPCs have unique idle animations?

no? not that I’m aware of

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