I'm trying to make a server, but it seems that I'm having a really confusing issue

I’m trying to make a server for me and a few people, but I am having an odd issue. I seem to correctly make the server (On a dedicated server/system), but when I try to connect to it via IPv4 (All firewalls are allowing everything for unturned on all computers through), it INSTANTLY goes to “Failed to find a server” instead of “Attempting to connect to server [#~]” I even tried on my laptop, and it still says this. I decided to install the server as a test on my main desktop, and when running, it does load. I got on my laptop, entered my IP, and there it is like, but when I go back to the server system and work there… it doesn’t work at all with the same configuration as the one on my desktop. Even changing the ports to something completely different still doesn’t work. This server does run other games servers like Space Engineers and Minecraft, but I tried turning them off, but still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated… I am at a loss…

Huh, never heard of that specific problem. It’s not even attempting to connect?

First I’m going to go into a bit of my personal experience.

Using my public IP to connect to my FTP server is problematic when I’m in the Local Area Network (Forcing me to use my private IP when I want to connect to it at home). However, if I connect through a different network, like my phone’s 4G LTE, my public IP works fine and it gets me into the FTP server, or when I tell a friend to connect to my public IP address to get a file, they get connected to the FTP server no problem.
Minecraft on the other hand, works with both private and public IP addresses on the same LAN.

Why? I haven’t got a clue I’m not in college for telecoms (yet).

My point is:
I assume your router, as well as mine, have some sort of lock we haven’t found.

My suggestion is:
Try connecting to your server from a different network, as that worked for me when using my public IP address.

If that problem persists, you don’t have the right ports open.

Keep in mind despite using one port to connect to a server through the game, most services (for example FTP) use 2 (FTP being 20 and 21, despite the commonly known one just being 21) or even 3 to maintain a connection, so you may need to open a couple more.

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