Implement (Aleatory inside of predictable)

Its a thing a litle hard to explain.

in resume What I want to talk to is a specie of system aleatory inside of a limit and with probability at point to be predictable.

For example when i shoot with a weapon is CORRECT i hit a target with radius of 30 meters, but is most correct but improbable i hit a target with radius of 29 meters. this is called precision!!

the thing is the aleatory inside of previsible could be implemented in

  • IAs
  • Weapons
  • In the player doll
  • Bullets ricocheting
  • In Weapon Recoil

And in many other things
Proposes using this=

in common games of fps have the costume of place a style of spray (rust and cs:go) but in unturned a thing that I would like be implemented is a recoil aleatory (the weapon having peaks to left and right to top and maybe to down) inside of previsible (dependent of weapon when and eqquipements go start moving less in start and more when plus you hold the key to shoot without stop)
when you sight with a weapon while walking or just walking with a weapon in unturned (2.0, 3.0 and in videos of 4.0) your look its equal a one robot the animations are the same dont have any variation is just a animation made to be previsible, realy dont have a real problem in here just the how strange this is, maybe a aleatory thing to place hand more left more to right more to top and the aleatory radicalize when you run turning the things less robotics
  • remember are just examples!! open to discut

and tell to nelson add html color in this site to organize this things =P

Not bad

also the,color,Comeing idea might be Intresting