Improved gunplay over unturned 3

So unturned 3 has ok-ish gunplay, and has some problems in it, i would like to address these first. 1. Recoil, 2 dumb bullet ballistics and 3, reliance on attachments.

Im going to address problem 2 first as it is quicker to explain, basically in 3 the amount of drop is consistant, meaning if i aim at a target at 100 meters and my shot hits 15cm low it will be consistant and at 200 meters will hit 30cm low etc, this im pretty sure already has been fixed in 4.0 but just wanted to throw it out there.

Now i will explain problem 3 because if i do it now problem 1 will make more sense.

In 3 attachments are a must have, for example the vertical grip reduces vertical recoil by 80% iirc, this basically transorms a maplestrike into a full auto lazer beam effective up to 200 meters, this is a rather easy fix and can be solved by reducing the effect of grips to maybe 20% less recoil.

Problem 3.

In 3 there is no proper recoil pattern, just that the spray goes straight up or up and slightly left/right depending on the weapon, this makes the almost nonexistant recoil of a full auto maplestrike with a grip and muzzle attached even easier to control. This can be fixed by adding proper recoil patterns to full auto weapons, for example in csgo the recoil on the M4A1-S goes up, and then to the right, so this can be countered by pulling your mouse down, and to the left.

These changes would hopefully make gunplay more skill-based and less in favour of sweaty 11 year olds that pay 50€ for a kit with a maplestrike and attachments and make the fight more winnable for a skilled player who has just recently found an AK47 or M4, even without a grip.

And finally a word about lethality, (basically how quick you die from being shot at) 3.0 currently has rather good lethality, but SMGs are rather pointless, so they should be buffed in terms of damage, but they shouldn’t have armor penetration nearly as high as rifles (expect for the P90 chambered in 5.7mm rounds) making them a great against players with little to no armor, and less effective against fully geared players.


I would also think it was cool that helmets (both players and turneds) could have a chance to bounce off shots (not all). I believe that this would slightly increase the player’s chance of survival (and of the turned one), because the players with greater skills would try to hit them in the face and not anywhere in the head.

i think your problem is that the drop is linear (as opposed to exponential), not consistent

this will already be a thing iirc


Also, I think that weapon additions in Unturned 3.0 help too much in both shooting and aiming. They make the game little easier.

One thing though spray patterns shouldn’t be on a level of difficulty like CS:GO. Maybe even less because I don’t wanna get owned by a guy who plays a lot of CS or spend a lot of time in a aim map to learn the spray pattern for every weapon.

I used the M4A1-S as an example, the most complex recoil patterns would be about as complex as the M4A1-S or UMP-45.

Another idea i had was for semi autos like the sabertooth in 3 to have recoil patterns that go only straight up to make them easier to use for new players or players who dont know the recoil patterns yet.

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