Improved low-end scope settings

Right now, in 3.0 if you put the scope setting in graphics to “off” and use a scope after that your screen goes black except for the center (which, obviously has the scope). The scope also has a fixed zoom despite the scope your using.
is it possible in 4.0 that when you turn the scope setting off, it just zooms in the middle part of your screen (with the scope UI and all that) without cutting out your peripheral vision and zooming in with the correct scope zoom, because i think that would be a great performance change to add.

It would be a huge advantage to have more view, if you are telling about half-life like scoping. I think there shouldn’t be any image on the scope until you actually scoped, you know, lens

No. The reason off reduces your frame drops is because you dont need to have 2 separate cameras weirdly meshed together. Also, the different scopes do zoom in different amounts in the off mode.

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The cameras aren’t weirdly meshed together, the frame uptick is because there is only 1 camera, there is no weirdness here it just doesn’t have to render as much when there is 1 camera.


I used weirdly meshed to explain my point. But ye^^

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