Improvised medicine

We have equipment and things in the game that help us when something bad happens but the situation where we do not have such things at hand so we sort it out.

blood transfusion.
If we do not have bandages or medical kits to increase hp we can use empty tubes and blood bags in hospitals and pharmacies and pass our blood to a colleague but we lose a corresponding amount of life that we passed on to our colleague.

In case of cutting if no bandages can sew the wound but while the wound is sewn an extra hp is lost.

If you do not have such materials the hand will heat a knife or sword at a campfire to heal the wound quickly but 20% of HP is lost.

If your partner’s leg breaks you can give a crutch if you do not have splints that help the healing of the limb.


Fairly certain it’s a lot more complicated than sticking a tube in you that goes to a bag and giving it to your dying mate who takes it from the bag. There’s different blood types real people have and if you don’t match them up for donor/receiver the body won’t accept the new blood does positive and negative still matter anymore or am I just old?

Okay that’s pretty nice but I don’t see why HP would be lost. It’s not the same as stabbing yourself with a knife. It’s simple and relatively painless to the point where people have sewn up their own wounds after a nice shot of whiskey for numbing.

Or you could use a blowtorch to cauterize the wound because you chopped someone’s foot off after they tried to kill you with a stolen kitchen knife Okay back on topic, it’s an okay idea on paper but I don’t see how it’d play out in-game.

Crutches as a usable item actually sounds pretty neat. An active rather than passive version of the splint. Maybe it could also be used as a melee weapon when equipped. A two-player interaction where one assists the other with walking could also work well.

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