Indie Renaissance


It’s no secret that Triple-A games as of recent have continually gone down the drain. Releases like Battlefront 2 or Fallout 76 show what little effort Triple-A developers are putting into their games just for some quick cash.

And I understand that is what all companies want, and game companies are no different, but in their earlier years they actually showed passion for their products. Games like “Doom” or “Team Fortress 2” show lots of passion in their design.

Hell, some of the original Call of Duties and Battlefields had passion put into them.

But that trend is long since gone, and in it’s place we have yearly releases for games that are simply just reskins of their predecessors.

Disappointingly, I don’t see any sign of this changing; EA tried to see how much they could get away with in Battlefront II, and I can guarantee you they will try to pull some stunt like that again.

“But what does this have to do with Indie games?”

It’s simple:

With the loss of trust that the public has had with Triple-A games, they’ve had to move onto something else to satisfy them.

Indie devs, being that answer.

Indie developers usually can’t “wow” people with graphics or flashy trailers, so instead they have to rely on solid gameplay and interesting concepts to draw people’s attention.

Games like Iron Harvest or Deep Rock Galactic actually rely on having fun in a video game, and while they may not have the best graphics, they certainly have an appeal with their art direction.

And how could I not mention Unturned II?

Nelson is accepting a lot of feedback and is constantly in touch with it’s community concerning the quality of the game; something that I can’t say for EA or Bethesda.

As a result, Nelson will still produce a better product than a fully funded Cod Blops 6 team.

I just felt the need to speak my mind about the coming years for gaming. 2019 does not seem to be too promising of a year in terms of Triple-A gaming:

and I feel like if Steam lowered it’s cut from the sales of games from 30% down to 10-15%, then Indie devs would be able to have much more coverage and be a lot more successful, possibly even more so than
Triple-A developers.

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Iron Harvest? Ghostware garbage.

Deep Rock Galactic? More like Deep SCAM Galactic.

If we’re talking about the indie game renaissance, there’s one game and one game only that competes for the title; the game that is unequivocally the game among games in the indie genre:

Cory in the House for the Nintendo DS. With thrilling story, breathtaking art direction and some of the most innovative gameplay I have ever experienced, this game is truly the all-star in the indie ring. While it may not have the most stunning graphics, it makes up for it wholesale with the actual content of the game.

No game can hope to compare with the experienced that Cory in the House offers, and none really should; it should remain an exclusive experienced unmatched in the potential until the death of the industry, as a reminder to what heights of greatness video games can aspire to.


its going to be literally be the exact same year for gaming

after hearing wolfenstein is made by bethseda and possibility for it to be co-op, they’ll fuck it over again like what they did with '76

EA will make another battlefront with more transactions

and Fortnite will probably start to fall alongside Overwatch

besides, who cares if overwatch fails, we still have a more better game than that, tf2. change my mind


Pretty sure ea tries to buy any game with potential, then jam it full of in app purchases


I find that most of my favorite games land somewhere between being made by a fully funded and independent teams. I feel like games such as Rising Storm 2 and Space Engineers fit somewhere in there.


its time to start an indie fucking revolution


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