Industrial Items and Vehicles

Industrial vehicles like heavy duty trucks and also some tankers containing oil/water/milk that can be attatched to your truck would be pretty cool and also cargo ships and freighters that can carry anything by using some cargo containers by making 4 players carry the containers.

Industrial Items like containers of more stuff and also some other commonly used industrial items would be very cool.

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I like the idea, but most importantly, welcome to the SDG Forums!

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I liked the idea, I just got confused in the national oil part, maybe use the ships to get oil at sea to make gasoline?

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I personally like your idea a lot, it would be very interesting for RolePlays, and even for singleplayer / multiplayer, as long as the containers attached to the trucks allow you to also store items.

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It would be cool to see industrial vehicles in unturned. It would be interesting storing crates and items in the back of semi trucks and maybe disattach the trailer in the back.


Are you talking about this kind of cargo container?

I don’t think that even four bodybuilders could do that.


Just have the use of a crane required to move the cargo container and we will be good.

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I think he means like small cargo containers like the crates props in 3.0

I like the idea overall.

This sounds interesting too, but wont work in singleplayer.
The solution is a forklift which is more efficient. Also it would work in singleplayer and multiplayer.

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thank you kind stranger

Maybe trucks with trailer compatibility, and you can drop off the trailer anywhere you want so it’s essentially a massive portable storage unit.

yes i wanted that too

If base raiding is similar then I’d love to picture whipping out a 18 wheeler to pick up the loot from a massive base raid.

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Raiding will be hugely different I believe.

Good idea, industrial stuff would be indeed a great addition .

I personally think it is a cool idea! Would be cool if we have a military version of each of these things too! Maybe they can have multiple purposes, such as being used for farming and crafting?

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