Infrared and thermal vision

(Sorry I’m german so my english is not that good)
My wish for 4.0: more visions: I mean its pretty difficult to spot enemies at night, even if you have a nightvision. I hope you’ve all seen an infrared picture. Vehicles and live objects (zombies, players and animals) are drawn white while all the other things are black or dark grey. There are not much ways to get not spotted by a infrared vision. The picture would look a bit like the civilian nightvision. Thermal vision looks the same, but it shows the temperature of things (red is hot, violet is very cold ) . It would make sense on snowy maps. Campfires, warm motors of vehicles and life objects would be shown red and yellow while the landscape is blue.

Both visions give players a huge tactical advantage so the should be legendary

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I like this idea, but you should’ve listed some disadvantages too; Maybe it takes up both an eye-wear and a hat slot, along with it easily giving you away due to it’s glow? And I really dislike the amount of times I have to say this but why would this be needed for a survival game, I feel like NVG’s are more than enough to spot people at night, having infrared scopes and goggles is just overkill.


You may be right, i did not thought about the survival aspect. But for what do we need then a wardens key, a red- glowing mythical gun and a fighter jet? It would be more like an PvP object and very rare. It could use lots of batteries (if implemented in 4.0)

Well you put this in the 4.0 section, so when I see that I point out that 4.0 is supposed to be more survival centric.

The items and vehicles in 3.0 aren’t the topic being discussed, those should stay in 3.0 however and if introduced into 4.0 should have some heavy consequences for use. (this is excluding mythicals which are just another discussion alltogether).

It’s obvious these goggles would be a PvP object and making them rarer is not the right way to go. Making something rare does not balance it. Making it a battery hog though could be a good way to balance it if done correctly though.

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Batteries would be a very interesting thing to be introduced to 4.x and I think would balance this stuff.
The batteries should have different categories so that you cannnot use some super-duper infrared goggles with simple AA batteries you would use in a flashlight.
All of this becaus you can see that a person that posesses one of these items would have an extreme advantage over other players in a PvP situation - these gadgets losing battery would prevent things like a player doing a killing spree during night (camping) with his infinite thermal scope.

If it gets balance you suggestion would be really cool

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