Install Minecraft Server on Unturned Server (same time)

I have a VPS running Unturned for my son and his friends. It has plenty of horsepower.
Can I (and is there a guide) to installing Minecraft on the server for simultaneous play?

The advise I got to set up the Unturned server here was spot on. Hoping for some additional advise.



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Could you rephrase that?

He wants to know if it is possible to have unturned and minecraft servers running on the VPS for his children. He is also interested in finding any guides that would walk him through the process. (Also this is really wholesome and I am happy you got support before)

If there is a follow by numbers guide to install Minecraft on a server that already has Unturned, that’s great.

If all I need to do is install Minecraft and the two programs will run simultaneously and use different ports, that’s good knowledge as well.

I’d rather not bork the current Unturned setup by doing this by trial and error (which is how I got the Unturned server running in the first place). My son and his friends have invested time and energy in the current ‘world’ they have in Unturned.

Thanks for the help.


Hey, This is a really interesting question but there are not very many server owners on the forums. If there’s anybody I would ask about server hosting it’s Uncle Lyhme, an unturned server emperor, or @CanadianMRE who runs minecraft servers and Unturned servers.


Pretty sure he’s asking if he can host both a Lovecraft server and an unturned server at the same time?

There is a way to host free severs using a website… But I don’t recall the name…

Step 1: Install servers
Step 2: Make sure there is no port conflict
Step 3: Profit

You cna specify the ports both servers should use manually, but I am pretty sure MC servers don’t run on 27015, 27016 or 27017 by default so you should be good to go without any fiddling.

Minecraft servers run on 25565, so It shouldn’t cause a problem.

I run MC and UT servers.

Unturned by default runs on port 27015, 27016, 27017. If you haven’t changed the port on your Unturned server, and only run one Unturned server, then those are the ports.

A Minecraft server uses 25565 by default. Just portforward that UDP and TCP to the correct IP.

Setting up the Minecraft server is very simple. You download the Minecraft server files right here

These files are always for the latest game, however. If you wanted to run older versions, or want to run Modpacks, that is more complicated, but similar. I could always explain those too.

If you want more in your Minecraft experience, you can always download Spigot or PaperSpigot which will both allow plugins for the server (such as handy ones like Worldedit) or for better server performance. Heres a quick tutorial I typed out. If you cant follow this, just use a Youtube video. I prefer text tutorials, however.


Download the .jar file
Move the .jar to a folder, this will be the server folder.
Create a text document in the same folder as the .jar
Go into the text document and write

java -Xmx2G -Xms2G -jar minecraft_server.1.14.4.jar nogui

In the top left of notepad click file, “save as” and then before saving, change the
“save as type: Text Documents (.txt)"
"All FIles (
Also, change the file from a .txt to a .bat

It should go from this

To this

When you’re done, save the file. Now you should be able to double click the file, and it will launch the server.

The first time the server launches, it will always close and refuse to work. This is because a new file called EULA.txt will be created. Open it, and change eula=false to eula=true to confirm that you agree with Minecraft’s EULA.

Now, when you open the server it will generate the world and work like normal. Make sure to type “stop” when you want to stop the server. This will safely save and shutdown the server. You can also type save-all to save current progress, just incase.

To install spigot, all you have to do is simply replace the .jar you downloaded from Minecrafts site with the spigot jar. Then you have to edit the command arguments you put in start.bat to align with the new name of the file. example -

java -Xmx2G -Xms2G -jar spigot_1.14.4.jar nogui


If you have anymore questions or run into complications, you can always ask me questions, or you could let me connect to the VPS directly through something like Teamviewer.


I installed Minecraft and completed the eula.

I have screen running each of the servers (Minecraft / Unturned) and all is well.

Thanks for all the help.


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