Interesting Bug regarding the new "Chariot" for the Greece map

Okay, so I also posted this on the Steam community page in the bug reports section, check it out here:


Edit - The link may be broken, sorry for that, I can’t find a way to link back to Steam.

I put together a video explaining exactly what I’m reporting so be sure to watch it before reading anything else.


EDIT: The images below are not part of the actual bug, they are just ways it could be fortified.

I also wanted to note that combined with the new grassland military helmet, the visibility of the gunner is significantly reduced.


On top of that, the Chariots opening on top (where the gunner sits) is large enough for a person to fit inside. This could induce baiting as someone who is prone does not clip outside of the vehicle and is hard to see when moving towards the vehicle. Not sure if it was designed to be this way or not.


If you’re going to complain about that, it’s extremely easy to hide within other vehicles as well, including the Spartan and Cerberus.

It’s not necessarily a complaint, it’s just what I found at the time and noticed that nobody had reported on it. If it’s capable with the Spartan and Cerberus then I’d consider them key parts of the bug.

The actual text post doesn’t describe the bug at all, so the video is quite mandatory to view to understand the issue. It’s an animation bug, basically, that can be exploited in general to break hitboxes. Not sure what the text version of the report is trying to get at additionally, but that’s the gist of it (and it should probably be patched).

Seriously though, the text version of the bug report really doesn’t do anything for people. It just makes it far more confusing since it sounds like you’re complaining about being able to walk into open spaces on non-moving vehicles, which is a feature. Would suggest rewording OP.

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The text portion is only describing ways to further fortify the bug and is not a direct bug in itself. Sorry if that seemed confusing. Editing right now.