Introducing: The RedScope™

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, are you dissatisfied with the magnification of your iron sights? Are your dot sights and halo sights not magnified enough tp your liking? Is even the 16x scope too weak in magnification for you? Do you wish for a solution to fix all your problems with sight zoom?

If you meet any of these conditions, then the RedScope™ is perfect for you. Our latest technology in gaming accessories has created for you an enhanced magnification device that will increase the zoom on any sight, guarenteed! And best of all, it meets the terms and conditions of any game out there on the market! Without using any hacking or cheating software, we have created the:


Purchase one at your nearest Office Depot today!

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it’s like even you don’t understand it


System edited it. Blame him.

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When you said RedScope, I thought it was a scope that allows you to only see Commissars and Babushkas.


What rail does it mount on? Also, is it compatible with Moskvitch 412 dashboard? or is it too low level for that.

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What if this isn’t magnified enough?
Also how much are 4 of these?

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What Company do you work For?

✓ Genuinely unfunny
✓ Arguably (intentional?) necropost
X Relevant, even for #memes



well, to quote [DATA REDACTED]

“it’s memes, who cares”

Scp reference? Or are you quoting some person who’s identity needs to remain unknown?


(ten words grungus why does this limit even exist)