Inventory freedom

I’d like to see an inventory that has no slots: what i mean is that you can freely put items and you have to make your own way to make space. I don’t know if you got the idea of what i’m talking about, i’m sorry for the bad english please no hate

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Is there a particular reason why you want slot unrestricted inventory?

Sounds rather unnecessary. I see no benefit from it, and it will be hell of a chore for players when organising their inventory. I can’t think of a game that does this.

Besides, Nelson is already settled with slot + weight based inventory.


This idea is just… bad. What existing game even does this?


Must be thinking of Tetris.


American invetory?

the slots help keep things somewhat orderly, and i think nelson already decided what the inventory system will look like, so it’s almost certainly not getting changed

Yeah na, I like the current one + stacking will be a thing and weight.
Hopefully even slotted inventories so you can’t stuff an ar in your vest.

Yes like in the game green hell:

not that you wouldn’t have the limited # space but that you could for example put some bread in an pot, and move the stuff a Little bit more freely, and put stuf on outside the backpack wit some special backpacs that has spaces for them there or backpack upgrades :smiley: but not that you can put stuff in you inventory that wouldn’t fit there in reality :smiley: if you know what i mean :grin:

no, because the whole purpose of having inventory slots is to keep it organized. If we have no organization, it be impossible to do anything.

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