Invisibility bug


Good afternoon.

I will describe this problem in cracy.

When entering the server, the server type was arena. As I understand it, I already did not initially have not seen. I didn’t give it much thought. But at the beginning of the game, everything was clear to me who could not see. Also then started a scandal on the server supposedly I’m a cheater. I’m saying I didn’t use third-party SOFTWARE.

I apologize for my English.


Your English makes it difficult to understand the issue and the circumstances regarding it.


Can I write in Russian?


So you think that people can’t see you ?


Я рекомендую вам написать копию своего сообщения на английском языке над английской частью.

I would recommend you write a copy of your post in Russian above the English.


I think he means people on the server couldn´t see him and they called cheatson him.