Invisibility glitch


dident the jers already cover this?

I told him about the glitch and he posted it.
I just posted to the forums to get it fixed.

I dont think this is real. You might just play on Easy. And i can see you’re Geared up. Dont you have fully upgraded sneakybreak or whatever its called.

Even with that skill shooting at zombies close-range doesn’t make you invisible. But I’m pretty sure the glitch itself comes from a bug that allowed you to do some other things.

Also, when a discussion is basically over there’s no need to bring the topic back days later.

Your character is bound to the place where the tree is and your visual character can go around with no one seeing that character here is another video that shows this

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Isnt it fixed within the new update?

I haven’t checked yet, you can try to test it out if you want to.

I will but im first home in like 9 hours

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