Is it possible for us to get some more economy items made by Nelson?

The workshop boxes are fine and all, but Nelson has his own style on gun skins and cosmetics that really complement the game, hell, I would be fine with a box with some a small amount of cosmetics and some skins, because I really like them and I feel like we could use some more hats for our characters.
Could just be me though c:

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I’d actually like a new normal Nelson-made mystery box, but it seems some people would just use that as an excuse to bash Nelson for taking the time to just add more cosmetic content.

Definitely not the majority, but likely the same type of people who were profusely upset about the recent BattlEye-related issues and blamed it on Nelson for “being a bad developer” would likely take issue with this. People are always more vocal about dislikes, after all. :confused:

But, I’d like this too. We’ll at least see some new stuff for Halloween, I’m sure.


Yeah, I was actually forgot to mention the Halloween box, but I was thinking about it earlier today! Getting those boxes is cool on their own haha