Is it possible to make a custom sky?

Before you say anything. No, I’m not talking about the sky’s colour, or how to set it to be day all day long, All that jazz.

I was talking about the custom sky like in the space pei. Or to make a custom arrangement of stars or even. A visible planet or such.

If you cannot added custom sky like whar I’ve mention. Then how does I make the space-ly looking sky like in space pei? Thanks.

I’m unaware of anyway to do that, and Space PEI’s sky was surely given some special exceptions in the code to make it look like the nightsky constantly.

I believe that space pei had its bias in the lighting tab set either all the way up or all the way down in order to make it constantly night time

But there’s still a sun.

Unless the moon gave out sunlight half a time, then maybe.

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