Is it time to start with weapon suggestion posts?


The #unturned-4 category has dropped from 53 posts a week to 10. This is unacceptable.
If this continues I’m going to have to start with individual weapon suggestions. Thoughts?

  • Yay
  • Nay

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Maybe it’s because we’ve pretty much covered the basic suggestions and waiting for the game to be publish?

I wouldn’t say if it the right time nor not the right time though.


Individual weapon suggestions don’t really seem important when we don’t know what all the mechanics that can be used to balance them are or what locations maps will be set in.


Maybe you could make one mega post about it?


Quantity =/= Quality



Ive fallen off completely from the 4.x hype train, and I can only post so much about a game I havent played yet


Quantity has a quality of its own.
-Josef Stalin


“Questionably low quality.”


I mean, at this point it just seems like it’s overburdening Nelson. What’s a guy gonna do with hundreds of suggestions on a game that he’s still building the foundation of?


There’s this deep message you unintentionally put in here about how this site seems to force you to post so you can keep a few letters at the end of your name

this site is bad lol


The power…


I mean if its anything like your other weapon megaposts it seems to not talk about the actual gameplay the guns would add and just devolves into arguing about calibers and other things like that. If you made one that brought up unique and intriguing ideas or angles on older ideas no one had thought about I dont think anyone would mind. Also yeah, the forum peaks when a devlog is made, and drops about a week after the devlog confirms that the beta is pushed forwards a few months.


No, let the game actually be published/more info released until you start suggesting stuff, it’s probably already considered


Very well, I will wait until the beta starts before I start anything.


yeah that’s probably a good idea


The problem is the only weapon we see in the devlogs are the eaglefire, i think recomend 1 or 2 weapons is not bad idea, but HEY who am i to say this is a good idea or bad idea


Not sure why this is a problem.

Also you completely ignored the Cobra. :man_shrugging: