Is splitscreen still planned and/or working?

Title says it all I’m asking because I was kind of hyped for that specific aspect and being able to hook my PC up to the TV and play splitscreen with another person

Most likely

Last I checked split-screen works, except both the first and second player keybindings just move the same character. (Also controller support worked fine for both PS4 and Xbox controllers, but Steam controllers couldn’t be configured.)


I played it split-screen with someone and it worked. c:

How do you splits screen?

You need a ps4 or xbox controller (maybe other controllers too) and a usb cable plugged in your pc.
something like this:

And then in unturned II go to unnamed p1 and make a new one and then press start on the controller and select which player you want to be.

I hope you understand. lol

thank you bro

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