Is there any estimate release for Unturned II

Is there any planned updates for the Alpha on steam or any estimated release date?

Probably end of 2022

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Oh that was better than I was thinking

But for the alpha. End of 2022 alpha

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I was browsing /vm/ when I stumbled on an Unturned server thread. I think this anon is correct about Unturned’s problems which is why I was so excited for Unturned II to come into existence.

Sadly I don’t think there will be a good zombie survival game any time soon because I heard about the shit going on with Dead Matter and various other zombie survival games not looking so good. Nelson’s demotivation in working on Unturned II, Dead Matter’s dev team problems, I just don’t see anything good from the genre.

I’m genuinely sad that Unturned II is put on hold because it was the only thing keeping me interested in Unturned post 2019 (along with some mods).


Dead Matter is still in progress check their devlogs


@Sampied I know. Though with a few people leaving and the disasterous alpha it still gives me concerns.

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Late 2022 or 2023

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Late 2025 - never


Ofcourse, we can always trust the president of the us of a


The day we get more information on roads will be the day that UII development picks up speed.


It may just be me but this has not been my experience with vanilla survival Unturned. Back as soon as a year ago I would join a server, meet people and join a group, build a base together, and find another group to get into a war with, and it felt like a true zombie apocalypse survival experience. I would wind up playing on the same server for a month or two, constantly finding new groups to fight, expanding the base with my friends, basically constantly having some goal to work towards. Made a lot of memories that way, and it’s why I still enjoy vanilla Unturned, because it’s rare to get that experience, but when you do, it’s a helluva experience brother.


never releasing

lol didnt mean to withdraw got it fixed now

Ten bucks says that was you, also stop browsing the worst boards.
@Panda3d source on that? I don’t see it improving meaningfully in that timeframe, let alone being ready for an (open?) alpha.

“stop browsing the worst boards”

Probably browses /b/

@DeusExMachina Surprisingly enough that’s not my post. This is my post in that particular thread.

Lurk for 20 more years

brruuuhhh …

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