Is this a record?


Literally just joined these forums yesterday and now I have this for getting into a retarded debate and making some good arguements that got a couple of likes per post.
This cant not be an instance where I accidentally got a wr speedrun for NMOTM.
Never even knew this existed.

EDIT: Whats even funnier is that I joined right before the month ended and the system gave me the award.


Good on you for not shitting up the forums. I don’t have exact figures on how many new users we get, but I imagine it’s now actually attainable (compared to back when everybody and their nan was joining and farming likes and replies).


you took speed running to a whole new level.


I have literally no idea how to react to this. But, I’m not exactly shocked. I’ve gotten into retarded internet blood sports style fights on this forum. I regret pretty much all of them, because of the sperg fests that came as a result of those particular posts.

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