Issues regarding NPCs

Hey fellas (and Nelson hopefully!). I’ve got a question.

How do NPCs work on Mac? I’ve been able to upload a whole map and play it just fine both by myself and with friends on a server. However, the moment I’ve added NPCs to my bundles, the map makes players stop at NPC assets.

I’ve double checked my files countless times and I can’t figure out what the problem is. There’s no errors in my workshop logs either.

The NPCs work perfectly in-game for me. They’re also bundled properly (make sure to double check Greece’s files to see how they’re bundled there).

Any help?

This shouldn’t be a Mac issue in my opinion.

Have your friends check their workshop error logs to see if there is a reported conflict (Names, GUIDs, or IDs) between your bundles and other content they might have.

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