Issues with Effect 121 (Zombie_3/Acid Spit) in Multiplayer

I’ve been trying to get a custom effect I made to work while using the same setup as Effect 121 and I’ve gotten it to work perfectly in single player, but it wont work at all online.

The grenade itself is functioning correctly and letting me throw it, and it detonates and has the custom effect appear, but the player takes 0 damage from Acid, even though the icon for it appears.

I tried making a grenade that didn’t use a custom effect, but just Effect 121, and the issue still happens on servers, while it works fine in single player.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I’ve been trying for about 4 days now.

Here is a link to my Acid_Grenade’s DAT file

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@Paladin do you remember the fix we found for this? (like with the acid gun and grenade from Belgium and Ghost Valley respectively)

I tried helping this guy in the Unturned Official discord server but couldn’t figure out how we fixed it. I’ll go back through my emails with Nelson and try to find the fix

Edit: Found the fix. Put "Spawn_Explosion_On_Dedicated_Server” to the asset and it should work


This doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I tried adding “Spawn_Explosion_On_Dedicated_Server” to the Grenade using Effect 121 and it didn’t work, and I tried it on my Grenade using a Custom Effect, and still neither work correctly on my server.

If it helps I can send anything in use, I’m starting to lose it after 4 days of this not working :frowning:

Acid_Grenade.dat pastebin
Gas_Grenade.dat pastebin
Gas_Effect.dat pastebin*

There are no Workshop Errors when I check in the Menu, and no related errors in Server Log or Client Log.

You had put “Spawn_On_Dedicated_Server” for all of them instead.

I just changed it to “Spawn_Explosion_On_Dedicated_Server” this time and made sure it said it.
It still doesn’t work though.

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