It is wednesday my dudes


The April first release can’t make it through. Sorry to say it, but I have a lot more plans and I don’t want to release something I haven’t finished/not happy with. I won’t be posting teasers for the next 40 days because too much candy is bad for you. So savor this while you can.

Smell you very later nerds


can you eat the map


you can eat alot of it.


so can i eat the boulders


yes but you have to dig them


so i can eat everything on the map

like its just bare terrain

empty lands of sugar coated blood from zombies and crumbs of dead trees


chocolate mountains?


yes Strong Text


Good. I want to let you know that those will be eaten by tomorrow.


dancing cupcake


I expect my check to be in the mail by Friday.


nO thank you please


Nerds as in Wonka Nerds?