Item Description

Is a thing extremely good you has information. in time to change itens or choise the best weapon to play outside to pick other… Information is power.

Because of this is good you have a style of description
how much more information best and with a good organization. In resume this is wath i propose.

In my brain i imagine a thing like…

size Name Wheight
Class of itens (Weapon, Tool, resource,) / Sub Class of itens (Semi auto, automatic/ Voltage/)
A litle description
Show Info [PressTAB] (to show complex infos and a long description)

For Example

1x1 C4 - 0.5Kg
Rarity: Rare
Explosive with temporizator used to destroy constructions of high level

TAB for more info

A explosive sticker with a temporizator of 5 seconds used to destroy high construction levels have effective area of 5 meters have a high noise is correct someone listen at 800 meters

  • Name C4
    Class Explosive
    SubClass Sticker
  • Dmg 250
  • Lost dmg 50 p/m (per meter)
  • Temporizator 5Sec
  • Effectiveness (4x Wood/ 2x Bricks / 1x Metal/ 0.5x High Quality Metal)
  • Noise 800m
  • Space 1x1
  • Wheight 500g

  • Aprove
  • Deprove

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Descriptions should be (and already are IIRC) more robust than this in Unturned II.

The stats and modifiers being listed for weaponry is also a huge game changer.

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You’re remembering correctly! The core concept of both of these suggestions have already been implemented, basically. Items can have their ability stats, their manually created description, and their automatically created description.

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It would be also interesting to see how some items vary in weight depending on its contents and size, e.g. small containers such as canteens and ammo boxes, or even edibles such as vegetables, meat, etc.

It would be really boring to see that all potatoes I find or @anon24515308 ( :wink: ) weight 0.3 kg each; make these having variable weight around the forementioned number (or maybe a smaller one) would be both realistic and interesting when it comes to trading (this also implies the existance of scales and /or weighing machines in order to know an item’s exact weight and might help to fair trading)

Maybe if a player has higher skills or is has measuring instruments, then they could get more or less precise measurements. With the most basic skills or instruments, you could get things in working order, but with higher skills or instruments, you would be able to optimize your procedure.

Personally I’d label it this way:
(Rarity is still color-based like in 3.0 and colors the name of the item)
Size and weight
Class and Subclass

I don’t like the ideas of the more info tab containing all that information.

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Yeah, I’d agree with that.

Advanced desc. should be only available if the player is pretty experienced by using the item, and even better if it’s corresponding to the player’s skill specialization field.

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