Item pickup animation

It’s something small but I think it would add a lot of detail. Whenever you pickup an item, the character should physically bend down and/or reach out to pick it up. The animation shouldn’t be too long, maybe a quarter to half of a second. Personally, I think it’s one of those small details that adds a lot to a game.



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It would not be worth the work though. Lord Nelson would also have to make alot of animations for this. For example you would need different animation depending on what shelf the item is on. Also alot of the items would need their own animations because using the sane animation to pick up anything from a can of food to an ak47 would look silly in some cases.

A dumptruck or jet aren’t going to use the same animations as a minivan. The item itself would be part of the animation, similar to the car door we currently have. You can enter the vehicle from any angle, maybe it’s a matter of adjusting stance to be able to reach the lower or higher parts of a shelf.

I believe the idea here is a universal pickup animation that is just used for items, with perhaps some variation. I think it’d be a good addition overall.

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You’re already bending your back down when you look at the item on the floor.

A simple swipe would be sufficient (No need to grapple the item physically as it disappears anyway). The animation wouldn’t cause any input lag so you can grabs multiple items quickly and the animation will just repeat itself.

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I don’t think Froggo is worried about sufficiency I think he’s more worried about attention to detail.

It doesn’t make much sense to pick up a heavy assault weapon by swiping your right hand. It’d be alot more interesting and immersive if you use both hands to pick up heavy objects, little effort to pick up small objects like keys and other detailed animations. It wouldn’t be such a difficult thing to implement either. It would probably just be a flag on the items that require an intricate animation.

Sufficiency is not what makes great games, it’s the attention to detail and little things that can wow you. Especially in a sandbox game like Unturned.


Yeah I wasn’t talking about how it is now. We don’t need to have the character put his hands on the door and open it, but it looks pretty dang nice and certainly adds to quality and immersion.

I think the swipe animation that is already in 3.0 would be just fine , maybe a bit more refined .


The animations should change as if you are picking left right left right left right etc

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