Items spawn with less durability over time

Essentially, over time since the world was first started, food, and other objects will start spawning with less and less durability, ex, on easy all food starts off at 100% 1 ingame week after you have first loaded up the world, it will always spawn at 75% 2 weeks in, 50%, 1 month, 25% 2 months. 0% (probably just stop spawninga t this point.)

With guns, spawns outside after 2 weeks spawn at 75% month and a half 50% 2 months 25%, 3 months 0%
spawns inside buildings have double the time.

Basically, this forces you to eventually be self sustaining.

Edit: Alright fine, either we make loot be sorta clientside (basically, when a player loots stuff, theres loot for them, and when the next person comes along, theres loot for them) Or we only make it singleplayer.


More like it forces servers to wipe or player counts to literally drop like flies once every single loot spawn in the game hits 0% durability.

Even with an expanded aspect of living off the land, I don’t possibly see this ending well. The only acceptable place where this could be a decent addition is singleplayer.


What do you think of the edit then.

Clientside loot would just be confusing and not straightforward. Virtually every multiplayer survival and even BR-genre game in existence has serverside loot, from Minecraft to DayZ to PUBG.

Again the best compromise would probably be singleplayer.


Alright. though if it was clientside, that would fix the loot shortages people usually experience when joining a server.

I am totally against this in easy / medium , it might be a good idea for hard mode but not for others .
Servers would get empty after few times , and thoses owning bases would get really upset that the server had to be wiped every 3 days , singleplayers wouldnt’ approve To lose everything .
So it could be a good idea but you should definitely disable it for your game .
IMO it should be disabled by default and enabled on hard / brutal servers .

Also , new players who connect to a server after like 5 weeks will have almost nothing of good quality to survive , while players there since beginning will have rifles , you see the problem ?
Not only there will be a huge balance problem but that would certainly lead to KOS problems :

the point of this post was to make it so people basically have a time limit before they HAVE to become self sustaining, otherwise they will start dying over and over and such.

GHJ suggested it singleplayer only, and I guess that is the way it would work.

I have no idea what your talking about, before you have to be self sustaining you would have to spend around 30 or more hours ingame before you have to become self sustaining.

I mis explained myself , so , in my opinion , all peoples don’t want to be self sufiscient , i am one of thoses guys that hate wasting time on crops , I prefer to go to cities to scavenge even if it is risky , but if all stuff got 0 durability, then it’s useless.
Peoples would just stay in there bases and there wouldn’t be any interaction

I am against this as well. This isn’t farming simulator or Raft, it’s an apocalypse and it should encourage people to scavenge for supplies and materials.

I think this should be added, it would make more sense than to wear out with shots and would increase the importance of blowtorch but I think that items fixed and placed in chests should not be wearing only food in case the food is put in the refrigerator does not wear out.

I think the quality limit could be 40%

Man people are beating me to the punch these days.

As said , this is a good idea BUT it should be exclusive the some difficulties or it would totally destroy the apocalyptic feel of unturned because it would destroy the scavenge aspect of the game .

Instead of saying whether this idea would be applicable to singleplayer, local multiplayer, official servers, dedicated servers, or LAN servers, or which difficulties the idea would be applicable on, I think it would be sufficient to say that this mechanic would need to be something that the host can disable, or ideally they would be able to control the starting quality, rate of reduction, and final quality.

Most of the time in the apocalypse you have to start farming. You cant scavenge forever, specially in only one city. Also, by the time you get to that point, you would have had to spend 30 or more HOURS (give or take) in one single map, in singleplayer.

But there is the problem , it isn’t balanced at all for multiplayer, if you join the server 30 minutes after it’s created , you get the upper hand while if you join 4 weeks after it is created , you get the lower hand , I think this need a bit balancing .

Finally, I fear that with such a systems, players would just stay in their bases once you can find nothing of good durability .
A good way to counter that would be a minimal durability possible with that system, like 50 or even 25 .

The durability could be reset every time the server restarts.

Btw, at this point its been decided to have it singleplayer only, (or it be toggleable in server options) and no, people wont always stay in their base. They will still head out, because they need to gather materials to rebuild heir base after the “Nighttime Horde based attacks” nelson talked about.