Items/Vehicles Interacting with the environment

I remade the thread because I think there was a lot of ideas made throughout many threads and the other one I made but I thought it would just be better to put it all in one place

I believe unturned II would be so fine and polished in terms of environment if this was added. In unturned 3.0 the most interaction between items, vehicles, and the environment was boats on water and gas masks in the deadzone.

Items-environment; I think there are many ways items could interact with the environment. We could have snow shoes which help you walk faster through snow, if it were to slow you down. Or maybe it leaves less of an imprint on the snow making it harder for you to be followed. Two other ideas I had would be something similar to the snow shoes but on sand. And flippers that help you move faster when swimming <- not entirely new concept. As well I think skis and other vehicles powered by the player or by gravity would be awesome. For a ton of time in 3.0 players have been trying to make skiis or sleds and I think it fits in the game well enough to just add it to a snowy map. There are tons more way items could interact with the environment, and I’d like to hear your ideas too.

Vehicles-environment: I think vehicles also should be able to interact with the environment well too. One idea had which expands into another topic I will talk about below is vehicle modifications/attachments. I believe something like snow plows would be amazing to add to 3.0. If snow were to slow you down you could clear a path to your base or somewhere you need to go with the snow plow. Although I think if it actually formed snow piles (which i really hope it would) that would be very intense on someones computer. Other options between the vehicle and the environment which may not be so hard too add would be different kinds of tires.

  1. Bullet Proof tires: Not a new concept really but, can handle shots from low cal weapons and drive over caltrops.
  2. Snow/Sand tires: we all know cars don’t drive well on sand and I think it’d be awesome to have sand tires that maybe only fit on certain cars but also provide faster movement on sand than normal. Next, snow tires, basically the same thing for sand but with snow.

Those are the two main ones I thought of and one of them is already kind of obvious but I encourage you to write your own versions.

Vehicle Modifications:
So basically my idea for vehicle modifications is there would be two types, the kind you hook up to the vehicle via a hitch or something else similar to the towing mechanic in Unturned 3.0 or the kind where you replace it. It’d be pretty simple for tires, socket wrench take one off put another on boom done. For windows maybe you could upgrade them to bulletproof windows im not sure what kind of tool or mechanism you would use to do that but I think it’d be great. Next, the hitch attachments. This one would be kind of tricky but I think it’d be really cool. Basically you have some items/buildables like snow plows, trailers, storage units, all that kind of stuff that basically you attach to your car through the hitch on maybe a truck or something. I’m not sure how hard that would be to add in but I think it’d be really cool.

Thanks for reading and I’m excited to hear your feed back :slight_smile: Have a nice day!


FYI, stat multipliers for items of all sorts are confirmed and semi-implemented. Imagine holding a diver propulsion device and being able to swim much faster forwards. That kind of thing will be possible in UII.

Frequently suggested and for good reason. Nelson has previously considered a modular vehicle modification system and I could actually see these ideas becoming a reality.

Overall I’d say the framework is mostly already ingame as things stand right now.

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