January–February additions to U3-Docs

Just wanted to highlight some of the recent additions to the U3-Docs GitHub repository. For those who are unaware, this repository contains the official documentation for modding (and server hosting).

Item assets

CaliberAsset.md contains all of the documentation for caliber assets, in a single location. Previously, this information was duplicated across all asset types that inherited this class (which was every attachment type). This will help to keep the docs more accurate, as this precedent makes them easier to maintain.

Note that the Damage key is deprecated in favor of Ballistic_Damage_Multiplier.

ArrestStart.md documents the “Catcher” items, and ArrestEnd.md documents the “Releaser” items.

CloudAsset.md documents parachutes such as the Umbrella or Glider items. Note that the Gravity key can accept values outside of the [0-1] range.

A value greater than 1 will cause the player to accelerate downwards much quicker, and most likely result in Broken Bones. Alternatively, a negative value will cause the player to accelerate upwards.

FoodAsset.md, WaterAsset.md, and MedicalAsset.md document the Food, Drink, and Medicine asset types respectively. However, these assets have no unique properties on their own, with the only difference being the localization of the displayed item type text. Instead of having their own properties, they inherit traits from the ConsumeableAsset class.

ConsumeableAsset.md documents the aforementioned parent class. Did you know that you can utilize the NPC Quest Rewards systems with consumables? This is used by some curated maps to implement multiple-use items.

There are several other interesting properties available to consumables. For example, consumables can restore oxygen, grant experience points, cause bleeding, or create a visual (yet non-harmful) explosion effect.

WeaponAsset.md contains information on various damage properties. Relevantly, the ConsumeableAsset class inherits traits from this class. For an example, refer to the Chewing Gum item, which causes a damaging, harmful explosion when consumed.

Command-line launch arguments

Last year, we created the CommandLine.md documentation file. It includes information on all command-line launch arguments. There’s two notable additions to it, from over the past couple months.

-NoWorkshopSubscriptions can be used to disable the loading of all Steam Workshop subscriptions. This can be helpful when troubleshooting issues. Of course, you can manually disable individual Steam Workshop subscriptions from in-game as well.

-Holiday=enum accepts an enumerator from an enumerated type. Acceptable enumerators include: AprilFools, Christmas, Halloween, HW, XMAS. This command allows a player to override the current holiday. Obtain seasonal achievements any day of the year, and test your seasonal map decorations far in advance.


With item assets in particular, the old ItemData.md file has been deprecated for a while now in favor of the individual documentation files located in the ItemAsset subdirectory. However, this file will remain until all item asset types have updated coverage in this subdirectory.

In the near™ future, expect the following classes to have up-to-date documentation files: ClothingAsset, HatAsset, GlassesAsset, MaskAsset, BackpackAsset, VestAsset, ShirtAsset, PantsAsset, GunAsset, MeleeAsset, and OpticAsset.


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