Join_Requirements Server Option

A server option that allows players to join if they fill requirements such as:

  • Unturned II total playtime is [less/greater than X]
  • Having Steam Profile public [true/false]
  • Owning the Unturned II DLC/Gamepass [true]
  • Steam Account exists longer than [X days]
    would probably require option 2 set to true to read the API

Those options are useful to prevent rulebreakers from joining a server with a second account after getting banned. Free-to-play games attract a lot of cheaters/hackers since they can just create new accounts and dont even have to spend money on it. Its also possible to create “beginner servers” where the majority of the players would be new to the game and wouldnt face really experienced players. There will always be smurfs but it does still help.


I like this idea just lets say they Barely heard about the game, they have to wait to play those server, although this can stop the cheaters using alt accounts it also excludes new players


What if u wanted to play with a friend on the server but he doesn’t have the requirements to join?

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You play a different server then.


But what if u already a established base on the server and have other friend on the server as well??!_1

Like i said, there are pros and cons. On one side it reduces the amount of cheaters and on the other side excludes new players who can actually make good contributing in the future through inspiration of server mods and other things

Too bad for your friend, play a different server. I like this idea a lot actually.


A great idea would love to see it in 3.o two sense there are a lot more hackers nowadays :c


Exactly what I said a pro of this post

The 4th one if it is possible, then it is a must have. The rest are good too, so I like the idea.

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This is already a thing across all Rocketmod servers. If your account is younger than a week, you’re auto-kicked. I didn’t see a single person in this community crying about it or bringing that up?

I enjoy the ability to have a passive wall that could possibly stop alts, and cheaters like these. I dont mind them being added at all, because if a server makes their requirements too high, thats their own fault and their playerbase will suffer. You could also make some cool servers, like ones for only 1,000 hour vets, or so on.



basically gold servers, sure. It validates that people are dedicated enough to buy the pass, and could filter out hackers or alts.

Again, this was already a thing with RMOD, and it was set to a week.

I personally hate the idea of this, because they try the same shit in Rust and they doesn’t work out well when a new, 5 hour player wants to play on a “beginner server” with his 500 hour buddy. It just kills those servers. And eventually, those players will outgrow those servers and won’t be able to play them anymore even if they enjoyed them?


Yes. Good. Thank. Please add, Nelson.

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There’s multiple reasons behind that though.

Some people might not care, but some people might not know. It’s not something that is actually ever brought up in discussion.

This specific community doesn’t necessarily have users with Steam accounts less than a week old, so they would have likely never experienced it. I’d say that most Unturned communities don’t appeal to new Steam account holders, and as such there is no outlet for the information to go around until it’s suggested/discussed in a way like this.

EDIT: That’s not to say I’m inherently against it, but it’s fair that he wouldn’t have known to begin with (and thus, wouldn’t have complained about RocketMod’s implementation of it.)

Exactly. This is my argument for why it would be fine if we added it to 4.0. Nobody would even notice or know or probably care.

Side note I’m bringing to myself, thats the problem with passive defenses like this, like CAPTCHA and so on. Users hate doing it and it pushes them away, while hackers are more than willing to slip their way past them.

I don’t really agree with the less than part for playtime since like what’s already been mentioned it’ll kick you from servers you’ve enjoyed for a long time. Forcing people to have a public profile to play on some servers also seems unfair even though I’d prefer to only be around the people that were public. If people want privacy they should be able to get it as long as they aren’t breaking any rules.

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